About us


Statistics, FSnordic.net
  • Operating since May 2000.
  • 4000 - 7000 daily visitors.
  • over 75% returning visitors - very loyal visitor base.
  • 300 - 550 new daily messages to forums.
  • Services in English, Finnish and Swedish.

Flight Simulator Nordic, FSnordic.net, is the largest Scandinavian civil flight simulation web service. Founded in year 2000, FS Nordic has become an important meeting point for flight simulation enthusiasts in Finland and Sweden.

FSnordic.net group consists of the following websites:

  • fsnordic.net - Flight Simulator Nordic
  • flightsim.fi - Finnish mirror for fsnordic.net
  • flygsimulator.se - Swedish mirror for fsnordic.net
  • flightforum.fi - Finnish aviation forums

Our goals

FSnordic.net FS Nordic's aim is to provide a convenient and reliable meeting place in the Internet for aviation and flight simulation fans around the Nordic countries and Northern Europe.

Our keyword is quality. We emphasize our website development on user feedback and always try to offer the best possible services for our users. The users are the people who create the community within our website and thus they should be the focus of our attention.

History of FSnordic.net

The roots of FS Nordic trace back to year 1998, when Finnish student Sami Puro started a flight simulation related website Flight Simulator Finland. During it's two years of operation, FS Finland practically started the web based simulation community in Finland by operating as the first meeting point for local enthusiasts.

In year 2000 another Finn, Olli Jaarinen, joined the team and launched FS Nordic together with Sami Puro. FS Nordic was built to continue and develop the heritage of FS Finland, and also expanding to other countries in the Nordic region.

FS Nordic's original website has been produced fully in English language from the beginning to attract also visitors outside the main target region, but the number of local services in Finnish and Swedish have increased during the years.


FSnordic.net Main aspects our website are simulation related news, including local news in Finnish and Swedish languages, free add-on files for MS Flight Simulator, large discussion area and flight simulation related tutorials, articles and reviews.

Our news section is updated daily in three languages, thus giving the simulation enthusiasts the latest information about new developments in the community. The article area of our site, consisting of product reviews and tutorials, provides helpful information for both experienced and novice flight simmers.

The file library of FS Nordic contains thousands of add-on files and programs for MS Flight Simulator series. All of the files are freely available and downloadable thru our high speed server connection.

One important aspect in building a tight community and a meeting place, are the discussion forums. FS Nordic's discussion board is one of the key elements of the website. We provide own forums for Finnish and Swedish speaking users and also own general discussion boards where English language is used. All our discussion boards carry a “real name” policy, meaning that all users must use their real name at the forums and no nicknames are allowed.