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General information

FSnordic.net Flight Simulator Nordic, FSnordic.net, is the largest Scandinavian civil flight simulation and aviation web service. Founded in year 2000, FS Nordic has become the meeting point for flight simulation enthusiasts in Finland and Sweden. Our new Finnish aviation discussion forum, founded in 2003, has also grown to be the most important forum of it's sector in Finland.

FS Nordic's aim is to provide a convenient and reliable meeting place in the Internet for aviation and flight simulation fans around the Nordic countries and Northern Europe. Main aspects of the website are news, including local news in Finnish and Swedish, free add-on files for MS Flight Simulator, discussion area and flight simulation related articles and reviews.

One important aspect in building a tight community and a meeting place, is the discussion area. FS Nordicís discussion board is one of the key elements of the website. We provide own forums for Finnish and Swedish speaking users and also own general discussion boards where English is the dominant language. Our policy also includes free hosting of selected flight simulation group discussion boards, which attract more foreign visitors to FS Nordic and help to create a positive image of the service.

Our keyword is quality, not quantity like in many other sites.

Advertising possibilities

FSnordic.net For advertisers, we offer a wide range of different advertising possibilities throughout our whole website. Standard banner advertising, as well as text based ad locations are available. Advertisements can be directed to a specified section of our site, for example only to the discussion forums. Also language based localization is available. Advertising space can be bought by banner impressions or by time.

Detailed information can be found from our Media Kit. If you are interested in advertising at FS Nordic, please contact us.

Sponsoring FS Nordic

FS Nordic gladly welcomes parties interested in sponsoring our website. Sponsor of FS Nordic will get more publicity at the website than normal advertiser, space for advertisement banner will be of course also provided if requested. We expect sponsor to deliver for example different prizes to competitions or products for reviews.

Other ways of getting publicity at FS Nordic

Besides of advertising or sponsorships, there are also other ways to get publicity to your company at FS Nordic:

  • Please send all press releases and news announcements to us. We will publish them at our news page in three languages. You can use our WWW form.
  • Add your website to our Links page.
  • Send us a copy of your product for review (please contact us for more details).

Visitor statistics

FSnordic.net Most of our visitors come from Northern Europe, but we also attract many more visitors from other regions of the world, North America being the biggest area. Although being a regional site and concentrating only on a specified geographic area, FS Nordic is also international by the means of visitor origin.

Details of our visitor counts and countries, including the latest statistical information, can be found from our Media Kit that is available on request.

Advertisement terms and rates

FS Nordic's standard Advertisement Terms & Conditions and Advertisement Rates are available from our Media Kit that is available on request.

Contacting us for more information

You can reach us for more information by using our contact form. To receive further information about advertising at FS Nordic, we will gladly send our Media Kit to you via e-mail.