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Freeware Flight Group

Tons of high quality, FREE commercial airliners for use in FS2000.
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Finnish Scenery Designers

Finland scenery project.
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Aerobatic Planes for MS Flight Simulator

M.M.Niemi's Aerobatic Airplanes is the largest FS site of the Internet, when we are talking about aerobatic planes.
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Project Opensky

Best Boeing 767s and 747s on the net.
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FS design group, dedicated at designing the best freeware aircraft and panels for FS2000.
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SimAir 2000

Top choice aircraft files updated every week and lots more for FS98 and FS2000.
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A huge flight simulation file library.
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Virtual Finnair

Virtual Finnair is the first Finnish virtual airline. Website available only in Finnish.
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Scenery of Sweden.
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AVSIM Online

One of the largest FS sites with plenty of news.
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777s and 747s for FS2000
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Providing a framework for the development of realistic AI air traffic for the Flight Simulator 2002 environment.
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Rainerin kotisivut

Simulento-opas ja muita FS-juttuja.
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Scandinavian Virtual Airlines

One of the largest virtual airlines in Scandinavia.
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VACC Finland

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Freeware FS98 and FS2000 add-ons, updated daily. Forums, chat and games.
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Fly Away Simulation

Provides Flight Simulation news, reviews, and mainly downloads including lots of new aircraft for FS2004. Also includes forums and chat features.
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DreamFleet 2000

DreamFleet 2000 specializes in providing MSFS owners with ultra-realistic aircraft instrument panels, cockpit environments and complete aircraft and sound packages.
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The Scenery Hall of Fame

A wide selection of scenery design tools & utilities for all versions of MS Flight Simulator to historical WWII propaganda poster art to dazzling aviation screen savers & themes; there really is something for everyone.
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General FS site with everything - downloads, tips, features, interviews etc.
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Freeware Panels for FS2002

Freeware panels made by Marco Spada for FS2002 and X-plane.
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The # 1 Corporate Flight Site``For all Flight Simulator Pilots and Aviation Fan's.
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Cfs2/Cfs3/Fs2002/Fs2004 aircraft, adventures, tutorials, addons, mission and campaigns.
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AIP Finland

Charts from Finnish AIP. Official website.
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Aircraft of Brazil and of the world.
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