Virtual Airlines

Aer Lingus Virtual

Just launched successfully, already with 60 plus members we are at the moment the biggest Irish VA on IVAO flying at this time. All levels of pilots are welcome to join the friendly crew we have in place at the moment. Real world flight routes are in place to fly along with the FS Acars that seamlessly record your flight details and adds them to the roster.
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Air Aruba Virtual

Air Aruba is a flexible VA based in the Caribbean.
Date added: 11.08.05     Hits: 3200

Air Belgium

We are a virtual airline flying all over the world from our main hub in Brussels.
Date added: 02.01.06     Hits: 2720

Air Celtic

Virtual Airline based in Germany.
Date added: 22.12.05     Hits: 2844

Air Danmark

Air Danmark is a danish VA - strictly virtual, with no connections to any real world airline at all.
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Air Geneva

Air Geneva is an swiss virtual airlines open since ten years. We are based on Geneva Intl Airport (GVA/LSGG).
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Air Holland VA

Air Holland VA is a Virtual Airline based (with permission) on the Dutch airline Air Holland.
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Air Pyrenees VA

Air Pyrenees is a french VA based at Toulouse. We have many european and charters routes. Welcome to new members !
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Air Reliance virtual

A charter airline operating from London Gatwick and Stansted flying a modern fleet of Boeing aircraft. We fly to the popular european, north african and mediterranean destinations. We are aimed at the beginner to the VA world but welcome anyone.
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Air Tahiti Nui VA

The virtual counterpart of the award winning airline, Air Tahiti Nui.
Date added: 01.07.04     Hits: 2562

Altair Virtual Airlines

Altair VA is literally built from the ground up by experienced flight-sim enthusiasts who share the common vision of an engaging online environment where you will enjoy a sense of community and friendship with other pilots.
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American Flight Airways, AFA

US based Virtual Airline offering you tons of experience, friendship and fun with hubs in Atlanta, Detroit, Dallas, Phoenix, San Juan, San Francisco, Washington DC and Sydney.
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Austrian Virtual Airline

All planes of the AUA Groupe (AUA, Lauda, Tyrolean) and virtual flights.
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Blue1 VA

Virtual Blue1 attempts to recreate the real-world operations of the Finnish airline Blue1. We fly all the routes flown by the airline and use the same modern fleet of Avro RJ85/100 and MD-90 aircraft. Please note, the website and operating materials are currently only available in Finnish.
Date added: 17.03.07     Hits: 2864

Bohemia Airlines (BHA)

Czech IVAO VA.
Date added: 12.03.06     Hits: 2062

Breathe Airways

UK based virtual airline flying Boeing aircraft on charter routes across Europe and America, fun, friendly and realistic!
Date added: 10.11.07     Hits: 1707

Bristish Airways Virtual

The largest virtual company in the world.
Date added: 06.11.05     Hits: 3795

Cargolux Virtual

To provide the Flight Simulator community an environment where they can simulate the activities of Cargolux Airlines - the best all cargo airline - in a virtual environment.
Date added: 30.12.05     Hits: 2586

Cathay Pacific Virtual

A new VA for Flight Sim 2002 and 2004.
Date added: 14.04.05     Hits: 2760

Cayuga Airways

A regional airline based in Syracuse, New York. We will soon be expanding to service Europe through code share flights, come check us out!
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Central European Virtual Airways

Centra European International Virtual Airways act as the virtual representative of "LUFTHANSA" - DLH haven´t yet given permission to use their name and logo, so we built our own name, logo & design. But we do fly LH flightplan and fleet, so feel invited to join our airline and visit our websites.
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Clickair Virtual

Oficial VA of Clickair
Date added: 27.06.07     Hits: 2883

Colour Air VA

Colour Air VA is the only German VA that is successfully operating in Scandinavia. HUBs in Oslo Gardermoen and Ängelholm/Skåne. Management speaks German, English, Norwegian, Swedish. Many pilot trips and meetings, once a year a three-day trip to Oslo Gardermoen by ship is arranged for our pilots. Always looking for new members and partners!
Date added: 16.09.02     Hits: 4249

CSAV - Czech Airlines Virtual

Czech Airlines Virtual is the biggest Czech VA. It copies operations of real-world Czech Airlines (CSA) and with on-line flights a great fleet and futuristic design it is one of the best VAs on the net.
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Czech Wings

Aircraft turnaround simulation, each plane has its own registration, detailed preflight information including charts, sceneries and weather, extensive statistics, hub in Prague, additional bases may be opened, friendly atmosphere and much more!
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Endeavour Virtual Airlines

A new virtual airline operating from South Africa using a mixed fleet of Boeing and de Havilland aircraft.
Date added: 22.10.07     Hits: 1460

Euroharmony VA

Over 200 pilots from all around the world. 6 main hubs. Class 1-7 with over 40 airplanes in fleet, new upcoming ProPilot system.
Date added: 22.09.05     Hits: 2296

Europe Airlines

Europe Airlines is a brand new Virtual Airline operating different hubs.
Date added: 13.03.05     Hits: 3415

European Skyways

European Skyways is German speaking Swiss VA with hub in Zurich (LSZH). We still look out for members!
Date added: 19.04.02     Hits: 3036

Eurostar Aviation

Formed in 1996, Eurostar Aviation is an award-winning Virtual Airline with an inclination to detail and professionalism. Emphasis on realism and procedure-oriented operations.
Date added: 16.11.00     Hits: 3435

Flight Simulator Alliance

A Virtual Airline that requires no dodgy aircraft downloads. All of the airliners flown are already installed with FS2002. Send email to the given e-mail address on the website to recive the Timetable. All Welcome!
Date added: 19.10.03     Hits: 2941

Fly UK Virtual Airways

Fly UK Virtual Airways is a virtual airline based at Leeds Bradford airport (UK), our other hubs are London Gatwick & Glasgow Airport. Operating a varied fleet of aircraft to over 300 worldwide destinations since April 2004.
Date added: 05.10.05     Hits: 3073


The leading virtual airline, simulating the operations of the real world British charter airline Monarch.
Date added: 06.10.06     Hits: 2015

FlyRed virtual airline

FlyRed is a new virtual airline based at Stockholm-Arlanda, Sweden. We are a flexible airline made for our Pilot's and you can be one of them. Visit our website for more information!
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A Swedish Virtual Airline which operate in Scandinavia and also some charter flights to Mediterranean sea
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Freedom Pacific Virtual Airlines

Come to Freedom Pacific, and expect a Great community of Flight Simmers, and Great Staff!
Date added: 22.08.04     Hits: 1929

FXP - FlightXPress virtual airline

This VA was founded in 2001 and is based in Austria.
Apart from many destinations in West- and Centraleurope, we intensified our service to Easteurope.
FlightXPress - fly with friends...!
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Global Air Cargo Virtual

Global Air Cargo Virtual is a cargo based VA based in China and hopefully in the future globally.
Date added: 02.02.08     Hits: 1992

Global United Air

Colombian Virtual Airline. Aerolinea Virtual de Colombia. Bases en Bogota, Cali, Rionegro, Barranquilla, Miami. Flota Cessna, Dornier, Embraer, MD83, Boeing, Airbus. Welcome all.
Date added: 12.02.06     Hits: 2019

High Flying Aviation

Virtual airline flying in Scandinavia, and on routes to Russia and Europe. Two retro airlines of 1968; Linjeflyg '68 and Thai International '68.
Date added: 01.09.01     Hits: 2411

Icelandair Virtual

Icelandair Virtual founded in April 5th 2000 is the first and only virtual airline to be recognizes by Icelandair. Our website is fully automated with the most advanced features any pilot could want including, ACARS integration, logbooks, dynamic maps, schedules, preflight tools and a very active forum. Be adventurous, try Icelandair!
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Date added: 20.06.02     Hits: 3281

Jet Airways VA

JAI or Jet Airways is a real world Indian Airlines which flys to 5 international routes in the real world and 44 destinations in india it self. In our VA, we have added a few more routes because of high demands. We use the EPIREP system and we are a friendly organisation.
Date added: 20.10.06     Hits: 1948

Jet America Express Virtual Airlines

Jet America Express is a Virtual Airline for users like you. We support Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002/2004 Flights. Enjoy your flights and time with JAX Airlines in a Virtual Flight Simulation Environment.
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LACSA-Airline of Costa Rica

LACSA opened in May 2002. We are growing.
Date added: 13.08.02     Hits: 2955

Liberty Virtual Airlines

We operate over 581 flights out of four hubs: San Antonio (KSAT), New York (KJFK), Los Angeles (KLAX), and Chicago (KORD). We offer routes across the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean.
Date added: 17.04.05     Hits: 2105

Livewire Airlines

The largest, most active virtual airline in operation. Come see why more pilot fly Livewire!
Date added: 22.07.04     Hits: 2316


Biggest Polish virtual airline, based on real LOT Polish Airlines. We are flying around Europe, Mediteranian and to North America. "Fly with LOTva"
Date added: 07.05.02     Hits: 4656

Luxair VA

The one and only real Luxembourgish airline.
Date added: 04.10.03     Hits: 4035

Mediterranea Airlines

The oldest Italian virtual airline. Flies all over Europe from the Hubs of Milano Malpensa and Rome Fiumicino.
Date added: 30.07.02     Hits: 4865

MetroAir Virtual

Innovative new virtual airline. The management consists both of members with real-world airline management experience and extensive knowledge of aircraft trading and leasing, and as such, the goal is to create an airline that is truly modelled on the real world. See for yourself!
Date added: 14.01.06     Hits: 3836

Monarch virtual airlines

One of the fastes growing virtual airlines out there! Come and see for yourself.
Date added: 04.05.04     Hits: 2674

Nevada Virtural Airlines

Date added: 20.07.05     Hits: 1877

Nordic Air Group

Nordic Air is Scandinavia's oldest VA found in 1997. Nordic Air Group is a group of over 50 real airline based VA's, of which 9 are Scandiavian/Baltic airlines, ie. Air Botnia Virtual Air, Golden Air VA, Transwede VA, Maersk Virtual Air and Virtual Estonian Air.
Date added: 09.07.01     Hits: 5456

North German Airlines

New VA connecting northern Germany to European capitals and holiday destinations.
Date added: 06.05.02     Hits: 2922


We are the oldest independent Dutch VA Established 1999, operating online flights on VATNet. (Air Traffic Control).
Date added: 22.06.03     Hits: 2273

Sardfly Virtual Airline

Sardfly is a fantasy Virtual Airline operated from Sardinia (Cagliari-Elmas Airport - LIEE) to all the world.
Date added: 24.09.03     Hits: 1973

Scandinavian Virtual Airlines

One of the largest virtual airlines in Scandinavia.
Date added: 20.08.00     Hits: 12048

Seaway Airline

A small German virtual airline with seath in EDDC. Flying Routes inbound the Mediterrean Sea (most of them 0,5hr - 5 hr).
Date added: 03.05.04     Hits: 1822

Shavron Air

Shavron Air, the hottest virtual airline of 2004 has moved to a new site.
Date added: 04.09.04     Hits: 2043

Sky Airlines

Special finnish taxi and cargo airline.
Date added: 05.07.03     Hits: 3614

SN Brussels Airlines Virtual

A virtual airline based on the succesor of Sabena, SN Brussels Airlines. We offer all the flights of the SN Brussels Airlines, some great events and much more!
Date added: 06.10.02     Hits: 2926

Sun Airways Virtural

Sun Airways is a fast Growing VA With 4 Aircraft and more on the way we fly to Nearly all European Countrys and The USA.
Date added: 31.05.07     Hits: 1622

SwedJet VA

Welcome to SwedJet! We are a regional airline in Sweden with a fleet of four Embraer 170LR.
Date added: 01.06.07     Hits: 1963

Thai Airways Virtual

Thai Airways Virtual is a member of the Flying Tigers Group (FTG), which consists of 18 of the worlds finest airlines, including Emirates, Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines and Cathay Pacific.
Date added: 22.04.04     Hits: 2612

Transeurope VA

The Transeurope VA is a German-speaking VA with HUBs in Düsseldorf, Munich and a long-haul HUB in Frankfurt. We also have a shuttle section in Leipzig and a cargo department in Cologne. We are troubled to hold a high standard of quality. You are not just in a long list of Pilots, you are a human and when you have problems you will get help from others. We are a kind of "Family-VA".
Date added: 19.01.04     Hits: 2582

Virgin Blue VA

A Virgin Blue Virtual Airline! Simple as that!
Date added: 28.02.07     Hits: 2095

Virtual Braathens

A copy of the real Braathens
Date added: 23.06.00     Hits: 3854

Virtual Finnair

Virtual Finnair is the first Finnish virtual airline. Website available only in Finnish.
Date added: 11.06.00     Hits: 15613

Virtual Icelandair

A virtual airline based on Icelandair, and part of the SimAirline.net group.
Date added: 02.07.05     Hits: 2902

Virtual Ryanair

The virtual airline which recreates the operations of the real Irish airline Ryanair. Please visit our site!
Date added: 29.09.02     Hits: 5204

Virtual Scandinavian Charter

New fictional virtual airliner. Operated by B757 and A320 series.
Date added: 04.11.07     Hits: 1775

Virtual Wideroe

A norwegian virtual airline that uses a fleet of Dash 8 Q100 and Q300. We enjoy flying in a friendly enviroment, and really love the hard contidions that Norway gives you, not only the weather, but also the terrain gives you a challenge.
Date added: 12.01.08     Hits: 1861

Vojvodina airlines

Vojvodina airlines is new virtual airline from Serbia and Montenegro. Join us in virtual connecting Serbia and Montenegro with Europe!
Date added: 04.06.04     Hits: 2140