Online flying

Fs Freebirds

Fs Freebirds, a professional aviation group on Microsoft Flight Simulator X.
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Getting Started with Online Flying

Getting started with online flying: info, all necessary downloads.
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IVAO, one of the two biggest Online Flying networks. Good and easy software to use, set up an account in minutes and get flying!
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IVAO Canada

The Canadian division of IVAO. Contains information on online flying and controlling, charts and Canadian procedures in both official languages.
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IVAO Denmark

The Danish division of the IVAO online virtual flying network. Join us!
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IVAO Finland

Welcome to the Finnish IVAO divisions's webpage. We have everything you might need as a pilot or controller. Sector files and charts as well as tutorials. In Finnish and English. Welcome!
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IVAO Sweden

Internation Virtual Aviation Organisations' Swedish division's website. Information for pilots and controllers together with local procedures for Swedish airports.
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Scandinavian VACC

The joint Scandinavian division of VATSIM. Denmark, Sweden and Norway.
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VACC Finland

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VATSIM is the virtual air traffic network which provides flight sim enthusiasts with virtual, online, real-time air traffic control through it's divisions world wide.
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Vatsim software

Vatsim software
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European division of VATSIM.
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British division of VATSIM.
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Virtual Flight Network

Virtual Flight Network is the new age of flight simulator VA flying! The network covers VA flying, Pilot Training, live ATC, ATC Training, Forums, Events and much more.
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