Virtual Blue1┤s pilot recruiting will open again in February!

Online flying       29.01.13 / 17:43

Virtual Blue1┤s pilot recruiting will open again in February! Virtual Blue1 pilot recruiting will be available during the period 1.-3.2.2013. The application form can be found from the front page of our web site. We ask that applicants read on all the information before completing the application form. We will take in up to 20 applicants. If the places are all filled, the recruitment will be closed early. Otherwise, the application form will remain available until the end of the week. After submitting the form, you should receive an automatic email to confirm that we have saved your application. Will notify successful applicants in person by e-mail at the end of the recruiting.

Come fly the exciting new Boeing 717-200 in our fleet! This spring Blue1 (now SAS Finland) offers a new extended route network, which means the continuation of flights to Paris, Geneva and Prague! If you prefer some of the older types of aircraft from the recent history of Blue1, you can also join the retro operations.

We offer pilots a comprehensive package of material from the basics of flying through to type training. The purpose is to enable a hobby for beginners, without forgettingthose with more experience. Each new pilot has two months to carry out our training package. We anticipate that the fastest undergo training in about two weeks. Basic training concludes with a simple practical demonstration flight and a short theory test.

More information can be found on our website.

Welcome aboard!

VikingAviation releases Iran Air DVD and Blu-Ray

Aviation       22.04.12 / 17:25

VikingAviation releases Iran Air DVD and Blu-Ray

VikingAviation is continue to release cockpit films from the lesser known airlines.

This time they have released a new Cockpit Action DVD with Iran Air. On board on a Airbus A300-600, we follow the crew on a flight between Tehran, Imam Khomeini Airport and Gothenburg Airport, and back and on board a Airbus A320 Theran, Iman Khomeini Airport and Shiraz.

As usual the picture quality is very good and also the sound.

On the A300-600 flight there are very experienced captains with together more than 40 000 flying hours! Captain Bazzazi also tell us how it was to take delivery of two brand new A300-600 from Airbus in Toulouse.

During the flight to Gothenburg, which Capt. Bazzazi always tries to pronounce in Swedish(!), the crew explains how the fuelsystem works on board. Of course we follow the crew during preparation, going through the check-lists, and we see the crew  going through take-off briefing and, later on,  approach briefing, followed by a approach to a rainy Gothenburg. The cabin work is also shown, and a notice they serve Iranian caviar, and that is not cheap!

On the A320 between Theran and Shiraz we follow the usual cockpit work, and the work in the cabin with the stewardesses in very nice uniforms.

Total time of this DVD is 3 hours. And it is also available as Blu-Ray for the same price, 24.99 EUR!

The production is of the usual high standard filmed with several HD cameras, and can be ordered from VikingAviation website.

Reviewed by Conny Eklund

New DVD from Viking Aviation

Aviation       05.04.12 / 12:11

New DVD from Viking Aviation

Cockpit Video in the Flightdeck Action series.

A new DVD has been released from Viking Aviation, Iran Air A320 and A300-600.

There are 4 diffenrent flight, covered in  HD and with a running time of 180 minutes. Included in the video ar as usual, preflight planning, approach breifings and presentations of the cockpit. The pilots also tell you their job history.

The flights are between Tehran, Mehrabad Airport and Bandar Abbass Airport and also a flight between Shiraz and Tehran, Mehrabad Airport. So not the usual airports that adds some extra exitment to the DVD.

The DVD can be purchased from Viking Aviations website.

Review will follow!

FS Global Ultimate released

Commercial add-ons       29.03.12 / 18:00

FS Global Ultimate released

All three parts of the FS Global Ultimate series have been released..
It includes:
Asia, Oceania, Americas and Europe and Africa.
It uses intelligent compression that results in datasize compared to FS Global 2010. This is done by using lossy compression in areas of no significant terrain. And it is done wothout any loss of sharpness.
And it covers the whole earth!

Key features are:

mesh-resolution up to 2m (!)
includes AFM for FS2004 and FSX
directly supports Microsoft FS and Lockheed Martin Prepar3D
new Installer (up to 4x faster!)
new Installer also supports FSG 2010 and previous Ultimate versions in MS FS
new Installer also supports FSG 2010 and previous Ultimate versions in PREPAR3D

The price is 120 Euro for the complete package.
For registered users there 5 Euro off the price.

New Air Canada Blue-Ray from JustPlanes

Aviation       09.03.12 / 09:59

New Air Canada Blue-Ray from JustPlanes

JustPlanes has stepped up the pace and released a new Blue-Ray program, this time featuring Aic Canada Express Jazz, flying with Q-400, CRJ-200 and CRJ-705.
The flights are 6 regional, going from, or to, Toronto.
As usual there cockpit presentations, walk-arounds, and a presentation of the company.
And it is filmed with 5 cameras.

The Blue-Ray costs $30 and can be purchased from JustPlanes website.

German Flightsimulator conference in Deutsches Museum-Flugwerft Oberschlei▀heim.

Others       06.03.12 / 18:06

German Flightsimulator conference  in Deutsches Museum-Flugwerft Oberschlei▀heim.

Come and join us again for this year’s annual FlightSim Conference on the 24th March 2012.
Our 10th German Flight Simulation Conference will take place at the Flugwerft Oberschleißheim near Munich.

We will be welcoming more than 1.000 FlightSim enthusiasts and quite a huge number of developers from all over the world at our exclusive show. Be our guest either as an interested visitor or even as an exhibitor to present your products or involvement in the community.

Enjoy the royal atmosphere of the castle very close to the Flugwerft which is the location of the traditional Captain´s Dinner.

Register now, for both the conference and the Captain´s Dinner.
We are looking forward to a very successful and enjoyful day and evening!


Swiss Blue-Ray from JustPlanes

Product reviews       14.02.12 / 15:43

Swiss Blue-Ray from JustPlanes

This programme really makes me wanna fly Swiss A340! Here we are invited by the friendly crew of Swiss on their A340 on a flight between Zurich and San Fransisco and back.
And the whole thing is covered with no less than 6 HD cameras.

The programme starts with pre-flight briefing, not as in depth as in the Air Canada 777 North-Pole flight Blue-Ray, but the crew explains about ETOPS, weather and other aspects, and then it´s time for the walk-around. Captain Covolan guides us around the 340, and there is no doubt he is proud to be captain of this aircraft.
After the exterior check into the cockpit! And here is where the fun begins!
The crew explains, in very nice and in-depth, the cockpit preparations, going through the charts on the EFB (Electronic Flight Bag), and all the checklists. This is done in a extremely good way, and in a relaxed tone.
The sound on the Blue-Ray is perfect, only some times the ATC chatter is a bit high, making it difficult to hear what the crew explains, but that is just in total a few minutes, and considering this Blue-Ray is around 4 hours long, it´s not a big deal.
After all the preparation it´s time for take-off from Zurich. The picture quality is superb, just be shure to watch this on a HD TV to get the most out of the Blue-Ray!
During the flight to San Fransisco, Captain Covolan and his first officer, explains, and shows, the different flight instruments in the cockpit. Of course we also get spectacular views from the scenery we pass along the route.

The landing in SFO is a challenge since the crew get informed, quite late, that the ILS is out of function, but they perform a visual landing instead. They also explain the special procedure that SFO, and some few other airports in USA with parallell runways have, called PRM Approach.

And after shut-down we are invited to join some of the crew on bikes(!) around San Fransisco, where we view ,among other things, Golden Gate  bridge. I am impressed with the guy filming while cycling.

During the returnflight to Zurich more explantions of the cockpitsystems  are given, and we also take a glimpse of the cabin service, with the meals being served, and they look mouth watering!

So in conclusion this Blue-Ray is flawless, in great quality both regarding picture quality and sound. The programme is just over 4 hours, but it is so good, times fly(pun!) and it never feels too long.

The Blue-Ray costs only $30. You order it from JustPlanes website. Link is below.
I warmly recommend this Blue-Ray, and looking forward to the next one, already in production!

Reviewed by Conny Eklund

JustPlanes second Blue-Ray with Swissair A340 is released.

Aviation       21.01.12 / 18:10

JustPlanes second Blue-Ray with Swissair A340 is released.

JustPlanes has released a new Blue-Ray program, this time with Swissair A340 on a flight between Zurich and San Fransisco and back.

The program shows the whole flight from briefing, outside check and, of course, in the cockpit. Also nice outside-views from places the planes passes on the flight are shown, and also we are presented with work of the cabincrew. Captain Covolan and his crew are our host. 

Different procedures are explained, like ETOPS, and PRM Approach.

A tour around San Fransisco is included.
The program is over 4 hours long!
It is 9 years since JustPlanes presented a film with Swissair.

The film costs 30$ and you can buy it från JustPlanes website, link is below.

A review will follow shortly here on FS Nordic!

Aerosoft releases X-Plane 10 Global Edition

Commercial add-ons       13.01.12 / 16:18

Aerosoft releases X-Plane 10 Global Edition

The simulation experts from Aerosoft exclusively enhanced the global edition of X-Plane 10 with European airport sceneries.

The airports of Nice, Faro and Paderborn-Lippstadt will be extremely
detailed whereas airports such as Frankfurt, London, Paris and Madrid will receive a make up to a highly detailed standard with customized buildings.
These airports are not yet included in X-Plane 10 that is released in USA.

X-Plane 10 is based on a completely new graphics engine for the platforms Windows, Mac and Linux.
A sophisticated AutoGen creates landscapes, the lighting system supports hundreds of light sources and a new weather generator are only a few of the simulators capabilities. The Simulator
also takes advantage of multi-core PC´s eliminating stuttering effects and supporting
an optimized performance. 

The flight physics are absolutely unique as the flight dynamics are calculated in real
time directly from the 3D model taking its real physics into account. 

Data of more than 80 GB make it one of the most comprehensive simulation games ever.

With the release of the simulator the PC pilot can already choose between hundreds of freeware and payware add-ons.

In addition Aerosoft will soon make their well known add-ons for the
Microsoft Flight Simulator available for use in X-Plane 10.
The X-Plane 10 Global-Edition will be available from 16th February 2012.
The price is 69.99 Euro.

Still in the first half of this year Aerosoft will release the add-ons Airport Amsterdam, Madeira, CRJ-200 and ATR 72-500.

Most important features:
· Super accurate flight characteristics using a virtual wind tunnel

· Includes 30 aircraft, from gliders to the Space Shuttle

· Online flying with other virtual pilots

· Air Traffic Control actually controls the other aircraft around you

· Detailed terrain for the whole world including very accurate altitude data

· ‘Plausible World' auto-generated scenery that includes almost every road

· New rendering engine with innovative global lighting system (first for flight


· Totally flexible and extendable with hundreds of existing add-ons (and many

more to come)

· European version includes highly detailed scenery for Nice (LFMN),

Paderborn-Lippstadt (EDLP) and Faro (LPFR)

Just Planes first Blue-Ray program!

Product reviews       03.01.12 / 18:59

Just Planes first Blue-Ray program! Just Planes, the biggest producer of flight-dvd:s with has released it´s first Blue-Ray film, Air Canada 777-200LR. In this film we are onboard a flight over the Northpole between Toronto and Hong Kong.The program is  262 minutes and filmed in HD.
In the beginning of the film we are shown how flightplanning is done for this type of flight. And it´s complicated, but well explanied. And it is very interesting how much work there is behind a flight!

In the cockpit we are, of course, shown everything, like ETOPS operations, different systems in the Boeing 777, among these the "electronic flightbag", that replaces all papercharts and manuals that we are used to.
Also the work in the cabin are shown and a presentation of the cabin crew.

Captain Rick Allen talks about his career as a pilot, and we are shown spectacular scenes from different parts that are overflown, like fron the Northpole, Russia and China, and also some glimps of Hong Kong.
The return flight to Toronto follows another routing over the Pacific.

The film is in HD so it is perfect to watch on a HD-TV or via a projector. It comes in excellent quality, och very crisp and good sound. 

Since the program has long running time makes worth the money. The price is 30 Dollar, and since the exchange rate against the dollar, the price is right!

I recommend this film to all us "flight-nerds" :)
I have seen the film twice and it worth looking at serveral times.
The Blue-Ray can be ordered direct from Just Planes website.

Reviewed by Conny Eklund