[VATSIM 16.08.2011 1800z-2100z] Longitudinal Tuesday event + EKCH_APP checkout



Hello all VATSIM'ers.

As usual we'll have our Longitudinal Tuesday event this Tuesday the 16. August 2011 from 20-23 local time (18-21z).
At Copenhagen-Kastrup, you can expect GND, TWR and APP online + EKDK_CTR.

But wait..there is more: checkout on Copenhagen Approach (EKCH_APP) at the same time (Mikkel Johnsen), and Aleksander Storma is preparing his EKCH MA endorsement doing training on EKCH_GND.

...and finally, on a side note: in case you are into more flying in danish airspace, we can offer EKBI_TWR + EKBI_APP online from 20-22 due to TWR-training. Traffic is very welcome there too   

Hope to see you Tuesday, for a great online night.


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