MTL Programmer or Website Programmer


Hello friends,

i am a member of Colour Air Virtual. But now we have a little problem. Due privat Reasons(School Work) some of  our employees/friends cant spent so much Time in the work of our Hobbie. So now we look for some young new Members which are interessed to fly and work a little bit in a great Comminity.
We need some help with

Painting IVAO MTL.s

Updating our old website to an new and great looking style.  The Main plan has done, but if you have other and better Ideas we will maybe follow.

So if you are interested and have abilities either in Websiteprogramming or
in painting, so please write your aply to me via PN
But recognize that we do the flightsimming as a hobby and we canīt pay any money.

In hope we would see us


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