VATSIM [17th of Nov 17-21z] Stockholm ESSA fly-in



VATSIM Scandinavia welcomes You to our weekly Thursday evening Stockholm-Arlanda ESSA fly-in.
Our team of air traffic controllers will provide the best possible service from Stockholm-Arlanda
airport all the way up to Area Control. Take the opportunity to feel the pulse and intensity as they guide
You through the skies online in or out of Stockholm-Arlanda.

Very nice sceneries as well as reallife pilot charts are available to give You the most
realistic experience. Please, have a look at the links provided below.

Very welcome to fly Stockholm-Arlanda ESSA and in the scandinavian skies this thursday.

Charts are available through the Swedish CAA:
Freeware is available through RB Design:
Payware is available through Aerosoft:


Stockholm-Arlanda Thursday evening fly-in
this evening Thursday 17th of November 17-21z.
Excellent staffing at Stockholm-Arlanda airport (ESSA) and all the way up to
Sweden Control.

Arlanda Ground (ESSA_GND)
Arlanda Tower (ESSA_TWR)
Stockholm Control (ESSA_APP)
Stockholm Arrival (ESSA_F_APP)
Sweden Control (ESOS_CTR)

Welcome and join in a and fly Stockholm-Arlanda


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