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Turkulainen virus


Sää ole saanu turkkulaisse viirukse.

Kosk emme ole kauhea kehittynei tääl Turuus tää o manuaaline viirus.

Olek ystvällinen ja deletoi kaik sun tiarosto, ja lähetä mut etteppäi kaikil sun kamuil.

Kiitoksi kovast!


Kaveria alkoi ahistaa ja se meni psykiatrille...
"Kertokaa omin sanoin,mikä ahistaa",sanoi psykiatri asiakkaalleen.

"No joo. Kaikki alkoi,kun menin naimisiin.
Vaimolla oli aikuinen tytär,josta siten tuli minun tytärpuoleni. Isäni tuli
vierailulle,rakastui tytärpuoleeni ja meni tämän kanssa naimisiin. Niinpä
tytärpuolestani tuli myös äitipuoleni.

Vaimoni sai pojan. Siitä tuli automaattisesti isäni lanko, koska se on isäni
kanssa naimisissa olevan tytärpuoleni velipuoli.
Koska poika on äitipuoleni veli, se on siten myös minun setäni. Isäni vaimo sai
myös pojan. Se on minun veljeni, vaikka samalla olen myöskin sen ukki. Onhan se
tytärpuoleni poika.
Vaimoni on minulle mummo, äitipuoleni äiti. Siitä seuraa,että olen oman vaimoni
lapsenlapsi. Ottaen huomioon, että olen naimisissa isoäitini kanssa, en ole
ainoastaan vaimoni puoliso ja lapsenlapsi, vaan myös itseni isoisä.
Siksi ahistaa."

No ei ihme että ahistaa.   Toi oli hauska.

Juppiii !  

Mikko se taas väläytti, meni melkein solmuun kun tuota selvitteli.  LOL  Mjoo, ja toinen hyvä toi Turkulainen virus.  Sai taas nauraa kippurassa.

ps.  Martti sai karmaa tuosta virusjutusta, mutta Mikko ei.  Kattokaa ku hänell on noit jo ennestää.    Äsh, lipsahti sittenkin.    Meni samantien myös Karrille tuosta naisjutusta.  

Note from a virtual pilots wife:


I'm posting this message in your newsgroup, as I know this is the only way to get it to you since flight simulation entered our lives two years ago.

The children are doing well. Our son is seven now and is a bright handsome boy. He has developed quite a flair for art. He drew a family portrait for a school project. All the figures were good, but yours was excellent. The computer, the model airplane, the chair, and the back of your head are rendered in detail and stunning accuracy. You would be very proud of him.

As you'll recall, our precious little girl turned three in September. She still remembers that you spent the whole day with her on her birthday. What quality time it was for her when you allowed her to watch you recreate Amelia Earhart's last flight! She was so sorry that she crashed before your plane did, but she was *so* sleepy. Poor thing. When she asked how come Daddy's TV only had a grey picture, I told her you were staring at fog. Was I right?

I'm also doing well. I went blonde about a year ago, and was delighted to learn that blondes really do have more fun.

Lars, I mean Mr. Swenson the department head, has taken an interest in my career and has become a good friend to all of us.

The house is in good shape. I had the living room painted last Spring. I'm not sure if you noticed it. I made the painters cut air holes in the drop cloths so you wouldn't be disturbed. They were very apologetic about splattering your charts.

I've discovered that the household chores are much easier since you allow me to vacuum around you instead of using the feather duster that makes you sneeze and streaks your goggles.

I will be at the ski lodge this weekend with Lars and the kids. Don't worry darling, we have seperate bedrooms. He is very well aware that I am married. I'll try to call you. If the line is busy, I'll know that you are connected by modem to your flight instructor who is demonstrating advanced manuevers. (I still can't believe that he's only thirteen. His parents must be very proud of him.)

The housekeeper has been instructed to keep your coffee cup filled and to give you a fresh straw every three hours.Just let her know when you're getting hungry, and she'll give you some frozen pizza to suck on.

Good luck circumnavigating the world via the poles.
Should be a fun weekend! See you Sunday night!


Carol (your wife)

Juu mut miks toi mun toinen kone ei ny toimi?


Olek ystvällinen ja deletoi kaik sun tiarosto, ja lähetä mut etteppäi kaikil sun kamuil.
Kiitoksi kovast!


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