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Icelandair is Iceland's largest airline, was established in 1937 on the north coast of Iceland.
Now Icelandair operates 25 Boeing 757-200 & 300-32 destinations!

Icelandair Virtual was founded in November 2011 and already has 14 pilotser flying for us.
We use our right of routes and flight information from real Icelandair.

We operate flights from Iceland to destionationer in Europe and USA.

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Happy flights!

Alexander Skopac
Icelandair Manager

It's nice to see that you have opened a virtual airline with permission to use Icelandair's routes and their information. But I can't understand why you didn't take advantage of your permission and built an website which at least looks a little more "professional" and also developed your own system to log flights with. In the bottom a text tells me: "Create a free website with weebly" and unfortunately doesn't that make me wanna join.

I also wonders why it says that you got 946 hours when you haven't flown any flight? You're executive captain and you haven't done any flights? This doesn't look so serious to me.


Erik Linge

Hello Erik!

Thanks for writing!

our profile page is just a beginning,
We struggle every day to make the page better and
we will update our site.

The hours that counts is the total VATSIM-hours or previous virtual airline experience and we are obviously on improving the statistical system.

but as I said, we are very new and we are working hard to improve.

I hope you are satisfied with my answer and wish you a very nice day!

Alexander Skopac

We have updated our site now.


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