MD-11 previews? FMC?

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  Hey Bill. Great ERJ panel. Wherecan I see previews ofthe MD-11 panel andcan you pleae make an FMC for it. MD-11 is my favorite aircraf and I've been waiting for a fully functional MD-11 panel for so many years. Noone...not even the payware guys want to make it and I'd do anything to get my hands on one. Thanks and good luck on future projects.

Best Regards,



Glad to see an MD-11 enthusiast. I've not been able to do too much work on the MD-11 lately because of many other calls on my time, plus I'm being stumped on converting the ADI to vector. Here's what it looks like now...


  WOW. You really have a talent for making panels. Looks Amazing!!! Don't know how much longer can hld back. Will the panel have night lighting? Really hopes so.
Thans again!

Dan Antos

Finally someone who does an MD11  !

No one of the big payware companies ever did this. And I'm tired of those who create an MD-11 panel without knowing the complexity of this aircraft. An FMC is a MUST fur such a thing.

I'll keep on watching the progress of this project and even would pay for a fully functional (err, okay, almost fully functional) MD-11 panel and aircraft  !

Andreas (LOWW)

  Well if Bill ever wanted to go payware he's got me as a custome especially for the MD-11


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