MD-11 previews? FMC?

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OMG, that looks great

Bill,you are the man! That looks gorgeous. Any idea how much longer we all have to be tortured for? Good  luck!


Great panel so far Bill! Go, go go!


Please!  Stop asking Bill when it'll be ready.  

I hope Bill won't mind if I give the 'Official MD-11 Panel Date of Release Statement'.
Here it is:

Ladies and Gentlemen.  Bill Grabowski's MD-11 panel will be released when it is finished and is ready.  This date is 100% accurate and is guaranteed not to be late.

There you are.  Now you know.

Wouldn't it be better for Bill to spend his valuable free time working on the panel or spending time relaxing with family/friends, rather than having to answer the same question over and over again?  Also, you all know that if he gives a date and is even 1 second late, this forum will be full of nasty posts demanding instant retribution.  Let's give the guy a break.


No offence intended.  Hope you don't mind me stealing your thunder.

Best wishes and Happy New Year to you all!



Nice job. Couldn't have said it better myself. Actually, since this is the most commonly asked question in flightsimdom, I propose we have a contest.  The contest will be... who can most accurately GUESS the date of release! This would be very interesting, since I sure as heck don't know it. But... I have given clues recently as to...

1. What has been done so far.
2. Over what period of time.
3. And what's left to be done.

Now, I think our competitors can do the math and figure out when it should be done. But, they also have to guess a "fudge" factor based on what season it's in (summer brings golf, baseball, sunshine, vacation, and disinterest), whether MS releases a new SDK for panels that will require modification of the panel, whether Michael Fanzeskakis or myself are feeling exceptionally lazy or industrious, and whether we decide to add "new" features not planned on. Wow, how about that for complex! And the winner gets? A free version of the panel and airplane! Such a deal.

Let the games begin.  



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