MD-11 previews? FMC?

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Indeed I do recognize the importance of April 1.

The entire MD-11 panel team is feverishly working to finish the panel in time. In case we don't finish, then the team has made an IOU in the form of a signed photo of all of us, suitable for framing, which you can proudly display to your friends.

How's that?  

Bill & "The Team"

 Well I hope it is April 1st cause thats the date I guessed it would be released. And if it is payware, I get a free copy .  Don't matter, rather have a perfect product than a free one. Any idea when a site will be up for the MD11?

Happy Landings,
Dan Antos

Remember, I can always throw a decent one together if you need one...

Uh, guys, in case you missed the humor there, I don't think you ought to really expect the panel to be ready April 1. It's an "April Fools" joke. We're hoping to finish by Christmas, but at least by next April 1.

But... the good news is... you still get the picture!

We had no plans for a web site, but John, if you have experience and storage, send me an email.


 Christmas eh? .... It didn't look that incomplete on the pics. Oh well keep us posted Bill on updates. In the meantime I'll just have to fly Eaglesofts Citation X until Christmas

Dan Antos


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