MD-11 previews? FMC?

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Hi Bill!
How are you?
My friend from Continental Airlines can find some info about MD-11. Just tell me what do you need. He'll be at the big Airline Collectibles show in Los Angeles for 2 days and he will try to get any information about MD-11 he can (but he really can! ).
Best regards,


We have a need to know what speed tables the FMC uses to compute climb, cruise, approach, blah blah, at different weights. That info appears to be contained only in the laptops and FMC and are not charted anymore.

Thanks for the offer.


Hi Bill,

There hasnīt been any pictures lately, so if there has been any progress it would be nice if you could show some


The actual appearance of the panel has not changed, with the exception of sharper art. It's the functioning of the panel that has changed. This doesn't lend itself well to screenshots. When I add some significant new component that you can see, I'll go ahead and post a shot.

A lot of the work in doing a panel like this goes into the things that go on "behind the scenes" during operation of the gauges and airplane, and the changes are so subtle in the displays that you might miss them unless you look for them.

For instance... in the real MD-11, when the plane descends below decision height on the approach, several things happen, to include a flashing radio altitude number and box, which also turns amber; the precision altitude readout and box flash; the DH bug flashes and turns from white to amber; and the altitude tic marks below the DH on the altitude tape all turn amber. This can all be canceled by pushing the mins knob on the glareshield before landing. This takes a lot of work to implement for some really subtle changes. But... it's way cool. And I haven't even mentioned the FMC and Nav Display ...

Try to picture it in your mind's eye.


 Hey Bill, I got someone in Memphis whose gonna try and get you a hardcopy of those speed tables.


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