MD-11 previews? FMC?

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Mo, is there any way I could contact you about something?

Bill, same thing?

I for one think we don't have enough good panels. Good airplanes we have. Panels we don't, and I include the commercial ones. I've never understood how flight sim users could tolerate some of the stuff they use.

Incomplete panels I have in my own personal hopper that I made and use for my personal amusement and testing include...

                                                   TO BE PUBLISHED
717-200                                                   x
Airbus 320                                          Probably  
Raytheon Premier 1                                    x

The really big area needing panels is General Aviation (GA), with new corporate jets under-represented and the new Avidyne and FlightMax  and Garmin 1000 glass gauges needing to be done to replace the steam gauges in the Cessnas, Cirruses, Pipers, and Diamonds.


I've also thought we had too few Corporate Jets.

Eaglesoft has several, but other than that, we have extremely limited supplies (freeware / payware.)  As for Citation, we have nearly none!

Bill: very happy to see the beautiful panel, which I'm sure has not always been a smooth sail!  Please take care, and look forward to both, MD-11 and B717!  Though, MD-11 is still my very favorite!

Albaro: Would you be handling B717 to match Bill's panel again?  Hope so!!!


I couldn't agree with you more Bill!!!  I too have been kinda frustrated, as we all have the ability to download awesome aircraft, but what good are they if they dont have a GOOD quality panel, and sounds for that matter. I just think it is such a busy world that people wait and wait for a good panel to come along because they just dont have the time, the talent, or the patience to do such work. Some simmers just like to load up a plane and fly it. Others such as myself, find designing panels and compiling soundsets is a much more rewarding experience to accompany todays awesome aircraft models. For those people who use second hand panels that are not of great quality rely on people such as you Bill, to provide the very best rendition of the proper panel setup to use with the proper aircraft model. I have posted a number of panel project pictures in the forum for all to look at that I have undertaken to improve my personal flying enjoyment until a good payware addon is released. I use actual photos and redraw panel bitmaps, and gages to look as exact as they do in real life. But with all that said, its really all about how each person views flightsimming in general, some may not care about panel quality, just functionality, no manuals to read, they enjoy loading up a plane and flying around. Others prefer the MOST realistic panel money can buy to make thier flying experience as real as it can get , read a 200 page manual, and spend 20 minutes of preflight checks without ever leaving the ground. I like most, prefer the latter of the two. Happy flyings!!!  RMan

Hi Bill,


As far as I know, there are no taped engine gauges in the MD-11.

That's not true. As Basten said, KLM and EVA AIR using tape engine gauges. I would love to see them modeled on your panel so I prepared an image that shows them pretty good:

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