MD-11 previews? FMC?

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What exactly do you mean with the price of the NG???
I think it's a fare price if you look at the quality they deliver.
If you think this is a to high price then you should look at the ARIANE 737NG series, they are to high for just a VC with not all the realism avail...

I mean that I *WILL NOT* pay $60-$70 dollars for a single airplane and panel, which is what PMDG charged.  PSS, in their best times never charged more than $30 for a plane, panel, and sounds.  Unless PMDG delivered me a whole new sim (which PS1.3 did, even though I never bought it), I cannot see (and same with many people) how PMDG can justify such a price for their product.  As a person who's investigated the cost of doing payware, I KNOW that they were making in excess of $50 profit PER COPY.  That's rediculous for an ADDON.  They sell 1,000 copies, and they've made $50,000 dollars that goes straight to the developers.  If they sold what a normal addon sells, they've made close to a MILLION dollars on this release already, and that, I see as PRICE GOUGING.  They're charging that much only because they can, not because it really cost that much to produce the aircraft.  It's because of PMDG that Flight 1 has greatly increased their "production cost" that is charged to new developers, as has Abacus.  A single aircraft package (and I consider the NG's to be ONE PACKAGE because you can use the same model with plugs to make each variant since the wings, engines, and landing gear all look the same externally) should never cost more than $30 unless (again) it's a whole new sim.  PSS gives you a FULLY FUNCTIONING FMS (which PMDG's still isn't), full Panel, Sounds, and Model for $30 or less.  PMDG has no reason they can't either.  Yeah, they may be selling product to make money, but that doesn't mean that we as a community shouldn't have the right to demand FAIR PRICING.

Also, when I say obviously flawed, I'm not talking about bugs.  I'm talking about defects in the visual model and its accuracy that were brought up during the BETA phase, that were never fixed.  I'm talking about errors in the function of certain systems that were not bugs, but DEFECTS that, again, were brought up during BETA and not addressed as they should have been.  Their model uses FS2002 technology when there are freeware models out there that are more advanced.  It's sad when Payware can't live up to freeware in the modelling department, but that's where we are in most cases, Payware models being sub-standard to what's available for free.  Again, I'm not going to spend $60 on a PANEL that I can't use on the model I want because I don't like the one PMDG made.


I mean that I *WILL NOT* pay $60-$70 dollars for a single airplane and panel, which is what PMDG charged.  PSS, in their best times never charged more than $30 for a plane, panel, and sounds

I dont want to get into this fight, but PSS charges for every livery which PMDG does not, and just buying a "livery pack" or a couple of them, can raise the price way past PMDG.

Hey Chris,

Do you think anyone cares if you buy or do not buy a particualr aircraft add-on for a flight simulator? You've got some serious issues regarding PMDG; obviously, I wouldn't work myself up about it if I were you.  

If PMDG charged $100 for the MD-11, Iíll buy it, what business is it of yoursí? They're going to charge what the market will pay for, what idiot wouldn't? With PMDG your buying yourself quality.  


P.S. Also as you mention PSS you can't compare the entertainment/toy packages of PSS with PMDG.


I think you should vent your views on the PMDG forum and not this one.

But I am curious, since you refuse to pay for PMDG's work (and make no mistake, it's a lot of work), how can you be such an expert on their offerings?


I know what the state of their releases are simply by viewing what PMDG themselves have admitted to be errors and by simply looking at the screenshots.  Biggest problem I had with the 737NG was the design of the thrust reversers, which even from screenshots taken by people who had purchased the product showed that it was wrong.

A couple of guys I know got the model during BETA stage, and made some comments to me, and then after the plane was released, they were quite annoyed that the problems were still there.

As for the FMC issue and realism issues, I know several 737 pilots, and a couple have the PMDG model, and both wanted their money back afterwards, however, as with most downloadable products, that wasn't possible.  I think it says something when the guys who fly the plane don't like it.

As for PSS charging for liveries - I don't fly a plane because of the colors on it.  I fly a plane because it looks good on the outside, and it flies like the real thing does.  I can do my own repaint if I really have to.  PSS always included the liveries I wanted most in the base pack, so I never really worried about the addon livery packs (which you could by each for like $5 bucks, or a pack of 5 for $20 or something like that).  They also allow you to choose what you get.  Want the model and not the panel?  Have your own sounds?  GREAT!  Buy the parts you want, and skip the ones you don't.  I wish more groups would offer their packages like that.


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