MD-11 previews? FMC?

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Oh God. I can't stand it! Just can't wait! heheh

About the other panel. It works, actually, but I can't read the panel. :/ Just can't read anything. You can imagine how bad is that hehe

Now about the tutorial flight. Really, who needs that?  


Who needs a tutorial flight? Hmm... I'll bet you don't, but considering it took me over three weeks to start to understand the fuel panel alone, and it ain't the most complex part of this thing, I'd say... well... just about everyone else... including Ricardo.


P.S. May I use that great "MD-11" logo you're using?

and now you have to answere "YES" but in trade of the panel. :-X
Just kitting.


P.S. May I use that great "MD-11" logo you're using?


Actually, that logo I'm using is based on Kalle Kostia's great MD-80 logo (that's what the thanks are there for), so I think I'd have to ask him first. Actually my logo is not realistic. The upper right corners on the number ones should be sharp, not round... I just like them more like that.  


 hi Bill Grabowski , i am new here, & am very intersted in ur panel & particularly the FMC...........well as i have read this thread i come to know that it is set to be released sometime in april 2004, well one thing is sure this is something if u wish can go payware , its really good from ur part that u r working so hard to complete it , & still thinking wether or not it should go payware. i still wish if it remains freeware, people need to be encouraged, if something like this goes freeware, i am sure there will be number of panels with detailed, & fully functional  fmc comming out for free.................there r certainly aircraft models which r so great that none of the payware ones can be compared with it, remaining is the panel which indeed requires hard work, errr no ,very hard work, as i said in the other forum just requires a start rest will follow the same, this is just a suggestion.....hope this does not upset u, freeware or payware........count me in........wish u all the very best for the progress of ur project


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