Colourair Announcements


Dear friends,

the Colourair is proud to announce that her new fleet,with the new corporate Design, is delivered yesterday. On the Cargo Aircrafts you can see the Logo of our virtual Truckdriver Simulation Friends.  You can see our new Fleet down there.

Furthermore the Colourair announces, that we will do with our Estonian BN2B the Flights to the Estonian Isles. They are very interesting and Challenging Flights.
Would you like to be part of an great Community and fly in a fantastic Scandinavian Area? So then join us here:

Or join us on Facebook:!/groups/2306309606/

We look forward to see you

Staff Colourair

I think you have too many aircraft types in your fleet, one or two will do. Aside from that i really like your paints.

Best regards;


Hi Joel,
thanks  that you like our paints. But i dont think that we have to much. In Norway as PAx only the B737, B757 and B777, For lokal Traffic the CRJ and the Dash. For very Local the BN2. So there are only 6 Different. So that isnt much.


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