[VATSIM 14.06.2012 1700Z-2000Z] Helsinki In Sight


For some time, Helsinki-Vantaa (EFHK) has been a rather quiet place on VATSIM. VATSIM-Scandinavia is about to put an end to this and get a finnish party started, by welcoming you all to our recurring event:

This event will be taking place every second Thursday from 17-20z. You can expect great ATC coverage at Helsinki-Vantaa, and EFES_CTR will provide enroute ATC services in and out of Helsinki.

We are looking forward to welcome you to the major airport of Finland. What is in it for you as pilot? A fun night with lots of traffic and busy frequencies, and you are contributing to getting some action back to the finnish airspace, which means: yet another great airport you can fly from and to and in the future!

See you Thursday!

Charts: https://ais.fi/ais/eaip/en/
Scenery (freeware): http://files.fsnordic.net/Flight_Simulator/Scenery/Finland/


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