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  Hallo to all the simmers of FSNordic!
As I'm quite fresh in the forum, I like to inform you of

An exceptional news for all lovers of the flight simulator:
the Meshes for FREE  of the land for all of Western Europe!
(FS9 just now and soon for FSX)
The result of the charthusian work of Daniele Lanfranchi  , this work is
available for free to all those who will be pleased to set up.

Five separate blocks (Italy, Europe 1, Europe 2, the Iberian Peninsula and the British Isles)
are available for download (with a bit patience, given the size),
that will dramatically improve the view of the high ground of the simulator.

For more details and instructions, see the instruction file by the link.

Good flights in Europe
by Daniele "Tequila"  and the team of VFR on Lario

posted by Aldo , member of VFR on Lario Team

 Hi all
I inform all concerned that, as of today, has unfortunately found a suspension of the account on the server that holds the work
it is now impossible to proceed with the download.
When just solved the problem, in this server or elsewhere, promptly we notify you
We apologize for the inconvenience


...  When just solved the problem, in this server or elsewhere, promptly we notify you ...

  Well, I am very happy to inform all the interested people
that everything returned to normal 
  PS: I remember all interested parties to request the password to the email indicated, in order to share in a direct comments, remarks and future developments ...
 and do not forget to Them  , if you can 


... the Meshes for FREE  of the land for all of Western Europe for FS9 ...
We just inform all interested users that, as of yesterday, the mail charge for the receipt of the password
for recompactation of files, has been disabled.
Since its publication to date this has counted 169 known users.

The document with the access key is now freely downloadable with all the files from TUTTOVOLA italian portal.
The work is still available to absolutely everyone, including documents "support" available.

Let me once again commend Daniele for having made this for all ...
as well as thanking all those who wanted to "be thankful"

have nice flights

I inform you, only for elevations Europe for FS9 (for all .bgl already unpacked), shareable link in DropBox will no longer be usable after the 15.03.2017  ; communication from DropBox (Your Public Folder will soon become a private folder) is 03.01.2017.
After this date the material will be placed in another folder that will be shared by all those who will have a DropBox account  .



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