VFR on Lario project

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Great project!
That´s a great job, i wish i had more free time so that i could install these scenery and objects to my flight simulator.

thanks Jari 
I sincerely appreciate your compliments and I'm glad to read your going to install the sceneries of this project  .
Of course, there are gaps in what we are passionate but not professionals  . The 952 tiles of photo-realistic multi-season terrain that make up the 17 scenaries, with thousands of models and the autogen, weigh a bit on the "ability to fly", but I hope that with a next-generation processor you can enjoy this work.
thanks again

hello to all the  FSNordic friends  and in particular the ones interested in this topic 
Even the 16th scenario is posted and available.
We are in the finishing straight: the next, 17 th and final, will complete this project we are working on for two years now, not without difficulty
  ... but let's conclusions and comments at the end.
a warm greeting to all
  Aldo, Daniele, and Gian Mario


dear Nordic Friends
Habemus Papam!    .... We Have a Pope!
with the 17th and last scenery (A2, just posted) the "VFR on Lario" for FS2004 has been completed, in the first issue, exactly two years after its start.

Many thanks, also on behalf of Daniele  Lanfranchi and Gian Mario  Verga, to the over 3200 interested in this portal who have read this dedicated topic, and of course to the over 13.300 downloads reported yesterday.
We also thank all users who have wanted to recognize our work, donating a free offer to the League Italian Sclerosis Multiple.

Enjoy your simulated flights on Lake Como and, if you can just, visit it in reality: it's worth it!


Hi Nordic Friends 

for the ones who want/be able to follow our advice (and can  read Italian), I suggest strongly ... to make a turn here



hello to all FSNordic friends  , and mainly to ones interested in this job  .

even though the project has been completed, at least in the first issue, we continue with the "adjustments" ... in particular with the sceneries created at the beginning.
Who likes it, can download A1v1 (update A1, Como), which contains a general review of autogen objects with addition of others in the library, including the station and trains.
Next informations for the adjustment will follow.
Obviously, flying with "old" processors may suffer from degraded performance,  unfortunately.

greetings to all



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