small new library for FS9

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  Hi to everybody

This small objects library, made ​​with GMax and without adding new textures (using the standard Generic Building),
is currently limited to less than an hundred models, but is  implemented in time.
The library is builded for SBuilder but I think can safely be used by other work packages.

Find below the links that refer to the procedure and use the files that allow you to have updates.
here on below you can see the complete preview of the library content
here on below you can see the GUID codes and other info (for SBuilder)
here on below you can find the gbl files

as they are added to other models, I will not fail to report the following information all here; anyway when you go through the links you'll find the last update docs
let me thank the support received Vic Dabor , Renato and GianP VVT , Gianluca and Harry Urben .
that's it,
good sceneries

Hi nordic friends 
I just like to inform the library was improved with some objects ... for camping lovers 
best regards

an "hot greeting" to all  and in particular to "scenery builders"
pointing out some further objects placed in the library (mainly simple houses **)
carry the following link for "a walk in the desert"  ...
where you can see most of the objects themselves.

see you to the next

[**] The need of houses addition arises from the fact that using AgenT
(in the work for VFR on the Lake, of course), where often in a single tile
the buildings number greatly exceed the allowed limit (300): so, go on to complete SBuilder!
.... the frame rate suffers a bit , but we can not forget the promise
to get closer to reality, as far as possible.

hello to all simmers and developers 

I'd like to inform you that the library is updated  with some new models,
mainly in relation with the project VFR on Lario sceneries,  of course.


  hello to all, and to scenery developers in Particular 
some other added ...
good sceneries


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