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Hi Guys
Seem to have a missing terminal with the Oulu scenery from FISD.

Using FS9,I have installed all required libraries, mesh, terrain etc as stated in the manual.
Any help would be appreciated.

Works fine on my machine - I assume you've already tried removing it all and reinstalling? Also, you did install the FS9 specific version and not the FSX one bu mistake..?
If you still have problems, perhaps post a screenshot of the contents of your EFOU/scenery folder and I'll compare with what's in mine...


Hi Geoff

Done a reinstall. Here are my scenery and texture folders.

Many thanks

Sorry to have no better answer, but I have exactly the same files (I even checked the file sizes) but my sim shows the scenery just fine. My only suggestion would be to look through your setup for any other files or scenery layers that might effect Oulu. Even an AFD file with an exclude in it might be enough to mess stuff up...

Hope you get it sorted!


Thanks Geoff

At least I now know my file structure is correct!
The only other EFOU files are withinn FinnObjects4.3, Oulu1 t0 3 and Olou nautical. I will see if they make any difference, would rather see a terminal than a TV mast!


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