Virtual Norwegian CrewBriefing V2 released!



After an unknown number of hours, Virtual Norwegian has finally released V2,
of what has become one of our main features: The CrewBriefing.
V2 will look even more like the real thing used by Norwegian,
and lots of the features are tweaked to give you the best experience possible.

Flight planning is made really easy for you now.
Search and pick a flight and get accurate information such as:
- Your flight plan route with a recommended altitude.
- Flight messages with useful information from the staff.
- A brand new and detailed Navigation log.
- Updated and more accurate fuel calculations.
- Accurate metar for airports, and option to view weather and wind chart for area.
- NOTAMs for departure, arrival and alternate airports.
- View a full ICAO Flight plan for your flight.
- An easy way to prefile flight on VATSIM.

So why pick Virtual Norwegian?
- We have a great community with dedicated staff members.
- We deliver up-to-date schedules and routes.
- We are continuously trying to make the experience better for you.

A preview with some of the available documents from our CrewBriefing
can be found here:

Join us at today!


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