Black Box Simulations A320 ja A330

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Lauri FIN918:
Black Box Simlations on nyt sitten julkistaneet Airbus X'treme A330 Prologueensa Airbus A320:n lisäksi. Lisätietoa ainakin heidän FB sivuilla.

BlackBox Simulation - Comment regarding A330

We have noticed a few negative comments regarding the future "Airbus X'treme A330" release. This is inevitable as its been very clear to us (for a long time, and especially in FlightSim) that you "cannot please all of the people all of the time"

We felt it prudent to explain the reasons behind our decision to release "Airbus X'treme A330" Prologue in the very near future and to help alleviate any fears regarding the continued development of "Airbus X'treme A320"

Our aims are twofold and I hope this goes some way to explaining our position and strategy.

1) There is a gap in the market for a top quality Airbus A330 and we felt it good business to take the lead with this Aircraft before another FSL, Axe, BBS battle commenced. Many voices have been heard asking for this Long Haul Airbus and we decided the timing was right for us to fill this demand. The new product will be priced the same as the A320 and have the same Update strategy. The A330 Product will contain A330-200 in RR, GE and PW Versions, A330-300 with the same 3 engine types. Also the new A330-200F and MRTT Will be incuded, giving you 10 or 11 different A330's to haul across the virtual skies.

2) "Airbus X'treme A320" is of course Unfinished and we are fully aware that our commitments to this product and its valued customers are paramount. Updates to "prologue" are still our top priority and will continue to be developed with no added delay due to A330. However.... As the commonality between the "Species" is well known, it made perfect business sense for us to combine the two and develop them together, Upgrading each as we progress. Further to this is the financial aspect. As most of you know, we are a small company of just two people and although our overheads are not high, we still need regular income to allow us to continue with development and to consider future products (as does any company) We anticipate that the release of this second Product "A330 Prologue" will bring in adequate income to facilitate our continued development of both products.

We would also like alleviate any fears of further delays in upgrades due to the additional A330 product. BBS work on the seperate and individual parts of the development (Modelling, FDE, sounds, Systems etc) and most of the modelling, sound & FDE has been completed for the A320 series. This means while the coding, of new systems and instrumentation are being developed for future Updates. The workloads in Modelling, FDE and other items have eased substantially. This has allowed adequate time for the development of the A330 without taking time from the A320 development. It makes perfect sense for us to have productivity from Both sides of the company especially if this means we can release another great and much demanded product!

Thank you .. BBS

Now please enjoy the preview screenshots of the A330

Oisivat nyt ees tehneet uuen ulkomodelin...

Mielenkiintoista. Katsotaan millaisen saavat aikaiseksi. Tuosta koneesta kun tarjonta on aika heikkoa.

Saas nähdä tosiaan mitä saavat aikaiseksi, luulisi olevan tekemistä kun on tuo A320 vielä vaiheessa 

Kyllä. Mutta firmaan on saatava kassavirtaa siispä alamme tehdä uutta keskosta vaikka kuopuskin on vielä kokonaan synnyttämättä..



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