[VATSIM 17.03.13 17-21z] Copenhagen overload 2013



Some time has passed since we had seen Copenhagen Overload last time. This year VATASIM-Scandinavia would like to invite you to Copenhagen on March 17th to join the overload event.
The airport is located on the island of Amager, just 8 kilometres south of Copenhagen city centre, and 24 kilometres west of Malmö city centre on the other side of the Øresund Bridge. The airport lies mainly in the municipality of Tårnby, with a small portion in neighboring Dragør. Having served 23.3 million passengers it is the largest airport in the Nordic countries and one of the oldest international airports in Europe.
Do you feel that Copenhagen is ready for massive fly-in ? Let’s see !

EKCH: http://www.slv.dk/Dokumenter/dsweb/View/Collection-344
FS9: RB Design (freeware): http://www.rbdesign.se/download/flygplatser/swe_ekch.exe
FSX: Scansim scenery (payware): http://secure.simmarket.com/scansim-fly-to-ekch-copenhagen-kastrup-v3-fsxp3d.phtml


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