[VATSIM 2013-06-09 1400Z-2000Z] Arvidsjaur Fly-In



Sunday the 9th June Vatsim Scandinavia welcomes you to Arvidsjaur (ESNX) and to the land of the midnight sun for an exciting fly-in!

Arvidsjaur airport have been the home of one of Sweden's flight schools for many years and examined pilots since 1999, unfortunately this school will now close this year. Therefore we want to invite all fellow virtual pilots for one last flying lesson at Arvidsjaur, refuel one of the Cessna 172 and practice some NDB approaches or go for a cross-country sightseeing above the arctic circle in the midnight sun!

There are also domestic flights flying to Arvidsjaur, the operator is Nextjet and operates daily from Stockholm-Arlanda. In the winter the airport have some charter flights, mostly it's Air Berlin who flies from destinations such as Hahn, Stuttgart and Munich.

Don't miss the chance to fly your GA aircraft for some flying lessons, charter flights from abroad or fly domestic with Nextjet.

Scenery, charts and airport information

For information about real life school flights from Arvidsjaur, please visit: Vatsim Scandinavia Forum


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