EFJY scenery error


I run FS2004 in Windows XP.

I've been using FISD sceneries for many years but suddenly one of my favourites (EFJY1) has gone wonky!
I reinstalled the scenery and made sure it was above FinnTerrain, but no change.  I disabled the EFJY photoscenery but this made no difference either. 

If anyone has any ideas about what has gone wrong, I'd be grateful for advice.  As far as I can tell (I haven't checked all of them) the other FISD sceneries are ok. 



Tree textures are missing! Check FISD library.

EFJY / scenery / trees.bgl  can also be  is corrupt?


I cleaned out old FISD tree bitmaps and .bgl files.  Re-installed FISDLibrary 1.5.  Reinstalled EFJY. 

Thank you very much, Jari! 


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