Massive development in VATSIM Finland


Hello everyone! (Sama postaus suomeksi osiossa "Verkkolentäminen")

Let me first introduce myself, since this is my first post on the forum. I am currently an S2 controller in VATSIM Finland. I've been a pilot in VATSIM since February 2013, and signed up for ATC duties the same spring. I got my S2 certification two and a half weeks ago, and will continue training as soon as possible.

Then to the subject of my post:

I am a fan of statistics, and while sitting idle in EFHK_TWR, I decided to gather some statistics about ATC and traffic in VATSIM Finland. I gathered all of my data from VATSIM Germany, my thanks to them. The results showed promising development in Finland:
The first graph is a yearly comparison of ATC online time and traffic movements in Helsinki including every whole year beginning from 2010. Please note that traffic figures are for EFHK only, while ATC hours are the totals of every station in Finland! I figured that the statistics would be fairly meaningful none the less, since more than 95 % of our ATC concerns Helsinki.
So here we go, ATC online time vs. movements in helsinki, 2010-2012:

Then a little more detail with a monthly comparison of the same things, including every month from 2010 January to the latest whole month. Traffic displayed in lines and ATC in columns. Apologies for the graph being a little crammed:

Looking at the graphs, 2010-2012 have been fairly similar in respect to traffic levels, but ATC coverage has improved a lot:
ATC online time in 2012 was 117 % more than in 2010! More than double!
From the monthly graph it can be seen that 2013 has been significantly better for us, with new records in traffic and ATC for every single month! Also on both grounds we have long exceeded the figures for the totals of 2012 even though there are still two months left of the year 2013! When the year is over, I will come back and share the final figures.

Hopefully with our constant ATC improvement we can attract even more pilots (and ATC) to fly to/from Helsinki and other airports in Finland. We are on the track to become one of the top areas in VATSIM regarding ATC coverage, the double iron mic from week 43 supports this

Johan Grauers:
It's a very good development that I'm happy to see. A lot of people have put in a lot of effort in the long process of building up Finland on vatsim and it is really starting to show. Hopefully the growth will continue for a long time still.


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