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Mega Airport Prague uusia kuvia, hyvältä näyttää tämäkin

Mega Airport Brussels International uusia kuvia

Lauri FIN918:
Lissabon julkistettu. Ei kyllä rahapussi aivan tälläseen menoon enää veny

Lauri FIN918:
Ja FSX/P3D Mega Airport Rome on peruutettu

It’s with regret that we have to cancel the FSX/P3D Mega Airport Rome project. Even after some serious additional work, the files we received simply do not match our (and your) expectations and we feel we cannot put this product up for sale. We probably will redo this airport for FSX/P3d next year. Of course this leaves us with the fact that we promised a FSX version without additional payment to the people who bought the FS2004 version. A promise we clearly cannot fulfill on short terms.  If you bought Mega Airport Rome FS2004 with the intention to get the FSX/P3D version, we got the following offer for you:

                          *You can wait for a Aerosoft Rome for FSX/P3d version to come out (though as said we have no date for that),
                          *We can offer you a free copy of Mega Airport Zurich (FSX only!) or Mega Airport Dublin (FSX only!) or Madeira (FSX only!) or Twin Otter Extended or Airbus A320/A321 Extended
If you are interested in any of these options please fill in this form. [Formular] Shortly after July 27th we will contact you with an email where we explain how to get your replacement product. If you want to discuss this further contact us on , please use ‘Rome’ as the topic for that mail. This is painful for all concerned, from the developer to the project manager and of course first of all the current customers. We do not want this to be a bigger issue than it already is. So really prefer not to dwell on this too long on the forum.


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