Calcinate del Pesce airport for gliders, FS2004


Hi to all 
Referring to the existing scenery of Feb2011 (my one, simple and designed for terrain / elevation standard FS2004, library AvSim)
I report an update in progress which will include, in addition to a general review of the objects, the cover with terrain photo-realistic season/night
(about 17x9 km) and the adaptation to the mesh of Western Europe by Daniele  Lanfranchi (already in use for the project VFR on Lario).
Below are images of the original scenery and some "preliminary shots" of the review under construction.
I'll keep you informed of developments

hi FSNordic friends 
for all the interested simmers I confirm the scenery "Calcinate_v2" is just available in the AvSim library
this version, which uses the Western Europe meshes by Daniele Lanfranchi and terrain photo-real/multi-seasons,
includes coverage autogen/Library of 42%, which will be completed later ... if anyone will ask for.
nice gliding 


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