EFET texture problem


I am running FS2004 in W7 x64.

I am not sure which textures are missing in this screenshot at EFET, Enontekiö. At least one other FISD airport has the same problem.  I've tried a new download and install of EFET itself, also new FISD library and new FinnObjects.  I've tried forestration and also FinnTrees. Nothing makes any difference. 

I suspect static planes are missing, or some vehicles.  I'd be very grateful for advice. Thanks!


I managed to sort this out myself.  I am not entirely sure what was wrong as I was missing only some of the tree textures, not all.

Briefly, I removed the FISD bmp and bgl files from all my hard drives as per the FISD Library readme. I reinstalled default trees. I did a fresh download of the FISD Library zip from FSNordic and installed as before with other libraries in the FS9 Scenery Library i.e. low down just above default entries.

I checked this with FinnTrees reinstalled and no problems. 


Probably a problem with FISD library. Glad it works now. 


Your sceneries are magical and are one of the reasons I have just done a clean re-install and re-build of my FS9 simulator.
Many thanks for all the hours you and the FISD team spent making these.
Best wishes



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