Hi all  
 I open this post hoping for an help to reach a contact of a person (David Brice).
 I tryed several time with mails (...., ..., ... but the result was ever "failed". 
 I also tryed to register me in "Irish Simulation Software" forum, but there is no way to enter (debug error message, after "I agree to this terms") ... 
 I don't know if David is member of this portal : I need to ask him for permission to use his aircraft model (Lockheed Martin F-35B Scimitar FA.1) in a free scenery under revision (Cameri Mil, Italy) ...
 Thanks in advance for help, hoping for any possibility.


PS: I apologize for writing full mail adresses before: sorry for that. I now have cutted them, but anyway, they do not function

got it! 
Inform you that, right now, I have received permission to use the F35 by the friendly David Love-Brice  .


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