[VATSIM] Fly and See Santa 2014 [13th Dec, 18-23z]


J Ahponen:

Taas on perinteisen joulu flaikkarin aika Vatsimissä. Perinteiseen tapaan Rovaniemi tullaan miehittämään jokaista positiota myöten ja Tamperekkin jaetaan useisiin sektoreihin. Ruuhkaa, odotusta ja se tunne, kun viimeinkin saa laskeutumisselvityksen tornilta. Tapahtuma, jota ei vain voi missata. Tervetuloa! 


On Saturday 13th December it's time again to visit Santa in Lapland to give him your wish-list for Christmas. Make sure to bundle up properly when you travel to the cold north and bring some hot Glögg/Glögi/Gløgg to keep you warm. Vatsim-Scandinavia will staff Rovaniemi (EFRO), Luleå (ESPA) and Tromsø (ENTC) from 18z to at least 23z to give the best opportunity for you to visit Santa's home. Since this event attract a lot more traffic than these aiports do in real, we suggest you bring more hold fuel than usual.

See you on Saturday 13th December and don't forget your wish-list to Santa and please make sure you visit our Santa Web to get familiar with the procedures.

Visit our Santa Web here: http://santa.vatsim-scandinavia.org/

NOTAM: Finland had a major airspace change in November, therefore most of the waypoints are renamed and repositioned. To make things much smoother, it’s highly recommended that pilots update their AIRAC to 1412 or newer.


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