Welcom to the new Nordic Region


Lauri FIN918:

Dear members,

Happy New Year to all of you!

As you may know, over the last months we have been working towards establishing a new Nordic Region, encompassing Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Yesterday we performed the final steps towards this transition and today, on the 1t of January, it is now official:

The Nordic Region is open and active

For you, this means that you are now a member of the IVAO Nordic Region instead of one of the former three divisions (Denmark, Finland or Sweden), which will be closed in one of the following days.

We understand that you may have many questions looking for answers. Please visit your new Nordic Region forum and we will help you to the best of our abilities. You find the forum at: http://xn.forum.ivao.aero

Your new regional website is found at: http://xn.ivao.aero

Go to the ‘Countries’ pages and you will find all the information from any of the previous division websites.

Meet us at the weekly online day at Tuesdays from 1800-2100 UTC
Every Tuesday we strive at having all the airspace open in the Nordic Region as well as the major airports of the region. This is the perfect opportunity to meet each other and enjoy our hobby. We look forward to meeting you in the sky!

Your new staff
Over the last few month we have collected a very competent and friendly team who have already done a great job in establishing the Nordic Region. Do not hesitate to contact any of us if you need our help:

Region Headquarters: Mikkel G. Hangaard and Kjeld Nielsen, xn-hq@ivao.aero
Training: Fritz Langhammer, xn-tc@ivao.aero
ATC Operations: Jonathan Hougaard, xn-aoc@ivao.aero
Flight Operations: Kasper Petersen, xn-foc@ivao.aero
Event department: Arvid Bergmann, xn-ec@ivao.aero, and Lauri Sivuoja, xn-eac@ivao.aero
Web department: Dominik Pepel, xn-wm@ivao.aero
Special Operations: Rudy Lyngvig, xn-soc@ivao.aero

A huge thanks to all staff members, who have all put a huge effort into realizing this project!

Lauri FIN918:


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