Legnano and the Alto Milanese italian areas (FS9)


hello to all 

I open this post to tribute, first of all, to my hometown (Legnano), telling something within Flight Simulator 2004 and, even if, imagining the interest is limited ... to my countrymen.
It is a first scenery very "amateur", posted in 2011 (legnano_v1, AvSim); it is mainly realized with the Generic Buldings System also using some existing objects. Positioning is approximate, made on elevations standard FS9 and on its terrain. Readme quoted this: ... includes among other things: the square of the city center with the Basilica of S. Magno and Palazzo Malinverni, the skyscraper, one of the bridges over the River Olona, ​​the stadium G. Mari, square monument, with the statue of Alberto da Giussano, surrounded by the flags of the eight city districts, residential and industrial buildings F.Tosi and Manufacture, the railway station with parking outside and glass building ...

It is certainly not a masterpiece, but only a small gift of a scenery-maker amateur for his own town.


I add that there is a small revision, still posted in 2011, which added two peculiarities of Legnano: the statue of "Teresa", a great symbol of traditional dialect town and a representation of the "Palio of town Districts" inside the stadium.

And now, after four years and with the help of meshes and photo-realistic terrain by Daniele  Lanfranchi, is "under-work" a general review of this scenery of the "Alto Milanese" area which, together with sceneries of Cameri, Turbigo, Trecate and Casorezzo make more realistic to fly from/to Malpensa and Linate airports ... turning a blind eye to the "frame rate"

here a video of the work at present



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