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Author Topic: Boeing 717-mallinnosta luvassa...  (Read 25028 times)
Mikael Leinonen
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Re: Boeing 717-mallinnosta luvassa...
« Reply #60 on: 19.05.17, 05:28 »

Opt-in-betassa mennään tällä hetkellä versiossa  thmbup

Mikael Leinonen
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Re: Boeing 717-mallinnosta luvassa...
« Reply #61 on: 01.06.17, 02:06 »

Normiversion päivitys V1.0.8.0 on julkaistu

Tarkemmat tiedot
Major update, tested via the Community Opt-in Beta
• [ADDED] Default Lights Toggle, Panel Lights Toggle, and Landing Lights toggle functionality to L, SHIFT+L, and CTRL+L
• [ADDED] Overfly triangle on FPLN/DIR TO page
• [ADDED] Crash handler/minidump generator
• [ADDED] Function to force a persistence save to the MAINT page for debugging
• [ADDED] RETURN functionality to the MENU page
• [ADDED] Additional functionality to FMS SPD button
• [ADDED] Additional functionality to INIT page
• [ADDED] EBOF functionality
• [ADDED] Fire FAULT TEST functionality
• [ADDED] PRED TO functionality
• [ADDED] Several missing alerts
• [ADDED] Several missing annunciations on the ND
• [ADDED] T/C to the ND and MCDU
• [ADDED] T/D to the ND and MCDU
• [ADDED] Deviation indicator circles to ND APPR mode
• [ADDED] "VERT ALERT" annunciation and associated logic
• [ADDED] MCDU annunciators
• [ADDED] REF system
• [ADDED] CO ROUTE support
• [ADDED] "CHECK BALLAST FUEL" message when applicable
• [ADDED] Localizer DME distance indication
• [ADDED] Additional PROF functionality
• [ADDED] Yaw damper turn coordination functionality
• [ADDED] "CDU MSG" annunciation to ND
• [ADDED] Independent FMC emulation
• [ADDED] MCDU standby functionality
• [ADDED] Support for latitude/longitude entry as a waypoint
• [ADDED] Support for place/bearing/distance (PBD) waypoints
• [ADDED] Proper functionality of landing lights and nose light with respect to gear handle position
• [ADDED] Option to synchronize both altimeters when not flying in shared cockpit
• [ADDED] Ability to synchronize the minimums when not flying in shared cockpit
• [ADDED] Option to accelerate mouse scrolling for various knobs
• [ADDED] Chocks and cones
• [ADDED] Vertical deviation display to DESCENT PERF page
• [ADDED] Proper handling of early and late descent to PROF
• [ADDED] Marker indiciation on PFD
• [ADDED] Ability to hide yoke
• [ADDED] Display popup functionality*
• [ADDED] 2D MCDU panels*
• [FIXED] Missing wipers in external model
• [FIXED] View finder
• [FIXED] Missing approach transitions under some conditions
• [FIXED] Speedbrake behavior
• [FIXED] FCP drawing bug relating to PROF status
• [FIXED] Missing alerts and annunciator statuses during GPWS test
• [FIXED] PROF altitude drawing bug on PFD relating to very low altitudes
• [FIXED] Vibrations not displaying at the correct time
• [FIXED] Display error on DESCENT PERF page
• [FIXED] Circuit breaker light not functioning on "DIM" setting
• [FIXED] Engine indications during startup
• [FIXED] Some missing legs on SIDs and STARs
• [FIXED] "WXR ON" only showing in WXR mode when WXR is on during ground operations
• [FIXED] Distance based leg naming
• [FIXED] An issue preventing approaches/runways from being listed
• [FIXED] Some altitude restrictions not displaying properly
• [FIXED] VMIN being way too high (preventing proper approach speeds)
• [FIXED] Deleting the CLB THRUST altitude improperly resetting it to 1500 above the departure airport
• [FIXED] ATS "RETARD" mode during non-autoland situations
• [FIXED] MCDU scratchpad resetting when 24 characters are entered
• [FIXED] PPOS displaying incorrectly on the PROG page
• [FIXED] MCDU resetting to the start of the STAR if the runway is changed
• [FIXED] AFS speed selection during departure
• [FIXED] Missing information on DUPLICATE NAMES page
• [FIXED] Erroneous FLAP DISAG with certain flap settings
• [FIXED] Erroneous BANK ANGLE warning
• [FIXED] Graphic issue with left master warning
• [FIXED] Engine sound spooling down during takeoff
• [FIXED] Various MCDU operations
• [FIXED] A display bug on the IRS STATUS page
• [FIXED] A bug that could cause pitch oscillations in HOLD and VS AFS modes
• [FIXED] Landing light splash staying illuminated incorrectly
• [FIXED] Data display on ND showing some characters too large
• [FIXED] Data display on ND showing incorrectly at certain headings
• [FIXED] Reversed animation on left aileron tab
• [FIXED] Nose gear gravel deflector sticking through nose gear doors
• [FIXED] Ability to interact via scrolling where it should not be possible
• [FIXED] Pushing/pulling FCP speed knob engaging ATS
• [FIXED] Several FMA related issues
• [FIXED] Several VERT REV related issues
• [FIXED] Speed of wing landing lights extend/retract animation to match real world speed
• [FIXED] "BANK ANGLE" warning at very low altitudes
• [FIXED] T/C or T/D disappearing under some conditions
• [FIXED] Cruise level and cost index not resetting when the flight plan resets
• [FIXED] Derates being reset when switching between thrust limit modes automatically
• [FIXED] "TCAS FAIL" display logic
• [FIXED] Some weight inputs/displays not honoring the weight unit setting
• [FIXED] Missing EXTRA= display on VERT REV page
• [FIXED] B not resetting standby altimeter
• [FIXED] Inability to activate EDIT speed with a mach number during cruise
• [FIXED] STAR legs not being inserted correctly when only a runway is selected for approach
• [FIXED] Reverse thrust interaction (see this video for an explanation)
• [FIXED] Ridiculous reverse thrust authority
• [FIXED] Selected heading bug appearing on PFD and ND when it should not
• [FIXED] MCDU logic refresh rate
• [FIXED] AFS heading selection choosing wrong turn direction
• [FIXED] Terrain radar display range bug
• [FIXED] Down range speed restrictions not applying during departure
• [FIXED] A scenario that could cause negative/erroneous predictions
• [FIXED] Fixed "Huh" on circuit breaker panel
• [FIXED] Normal maps on exterior model
• [FIXED] Ability to have adjacent duplicate waypoints
• [FIXED] SID/STAR/Airways inserting duplicate waypoints when a shared waypoint exists
• [FIXED] PRESELECT performance numbers not being updated
• [FIXED] "DRIFT RAGE" typographical error on the IRS STATUS page
• [FIXED] "Send to Sim" not working properly on the Addon Manager under some conditions
• [FIXED] Fuel levels not loading properly from persistence under some conditions
• [FIXED] Handling of altitude based speed restrictions during cruise
• [FIXED] Prediction errors in cruise when DIR TO is executed in climb
• [FIXED] FMS Performance database tweaked for more realistic initial climb out predictions
• [FIXED] Display of cruising altitudes below 10,000
• [FIXED] Range ring inconsistencies
• [FIXED] EFOB updating issues during flight
• [FIXED] Incorrect initial NAV turn after takeoff under some conditions
• [FIXED] Erroneous magenta line under some conditions
• [FIXED] Some conditions resulting in CTDs and extreme VAS usage
• [FIXED] Duplicate SID/STAR/APPR legs under some conditions
• [FIXED] A possible edge case CTD scenario
• [FIXED] Inability to enter negative slope/wind on the TAKEOFF page
• [FIXED] Inability to enter negative OAT on TAKEOFF page
• [FIXED] Course from fix to distance RNAV legs being flown incorrectly
• [FIXED] Rendering bug on AIR SD flow lines
• [FIXED] Rudder tab not unlocking with low hydraulic pressure
• [FIXED] Takeoff AFS guidance
• [FIXED] Fuel not burning correctly under some scenarios
• [FIXED] A scenario that could cause flaps and/or slats to remain extended despite retracting the handle
• [FIXED] "NO LOC" and "NO G/S" not displaying correctly
• [FIXED] PFD indicating FMS-managed VS instead of PROF during descent
• [FIXED] Takeoff AFS heading selection
• [FIXED] Left throttle visually controlling both throttles via Aircraft Sharing
• [FIXED] FMA annunciating "NAV2" when NAV mode was active but AFS was disconnected
• [FIXED] PROF using AT/ABOVE waypoints as AT restrictions during descent
• [FIXED] Runway related SID/STAR legs not being included properly
• [FIXED] Gross weight not updating properly throughout the flight
• [FIXED] Incorrect ATS thrust engagement on the ground
• [FIXED] "Plus hundred" callout not working
• [FIXED] Wind display setting not working
• [FIXED] Map symbology setting not working
• [FIXED] Rudder trim green band appearing in air
• [FIXED] FSUIPC gear up/gear down assignments not working properly
• [FIXED] Autoflight overtrimming aircraft
• [FIXED] Minimums color
• [FIXED] Improper alignment of GS text on ND
• [FIXED] Jerky flight director pitch movement in PITCH speed mode
• [FIXED] Improper handling of cruise altitude changes in flight
• [FIXED] Right side of left reverser handle being black
• [CHANGED]  FADEC and engine response time improvements
• [CHANGED]  Localizer engagement and tracking improvements
• [CHANGED]  MCDU keyboard input is now indicated
• [CHANGED] Improved magenta line tracking
• [CHANGED] Improved DRAG messages on MCDU
• [CHANGED] Optimized rendering pipeline
• [CHANGED] The default "reset altimeter" function (B by default) now works
• [CHANGED] Improved 2D popup default sizes and positions
• [CHANGED] Improved ATS response
• [CHANGED] Middle clicking the nose/landing lights on the overhead now toggles them all
• [CHANGED] Increased initial ground drag friction slightly
• [CHANGED] Various minor interaction improvements
• [CHANGED] FPLN and DIR TO page now display " when the previous the prediction was the same
• [CHANGED] Fuel flow rate
• [CHANGED] Brake depressurization time
• [CHANGED] Removed default autobrake
• [CHANGED] Updated "cereal" serialization library
• [CHANGED] Minor improvement to data loading from navigation data
• [CHANGED] Tweaked AFS and ATS behavior for improved performance.
• [CHANGED] Smoothened IAS and IAS trend inputs to rid of control twitching from ASN induced turbulence
• [CHANGED] Optimized code slightly
Mikael Leinonen
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Posts: 4205
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Re: Boeing 717-mallinnosta luvassa...
« Reply #62 on: 05.06.17, 10:43 »

P3D V4-yhteensopiva versio on julkaistu community opt-in betassa thmbup
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Mikael Leinonen
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Re: Boeing 717-mallinnosta luvassa...
« Reply #63 on: 11.08.17, 20:24 »

B717:n ohjaamovalaistus on rempattu täydellisesti->Real Light P3DV4:lle. Toimii tällä hetkellä vain B717:n opt in betassa mutta kilpailee jatkossa varmaankin FSL Spotlightsin kanssa myös muissa lisureissa.
Mikael Leinonen
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Re: Boeing 717-mallinnosta luvassa...
« Reply #64 on: 07.10.17, 13:52 »

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Jouka Ahponen
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Re: Boeing 717-mallinnosta luvassa...
« Reply #65 on: 07.10.17, 16:12 »

Oli kyllä hienoa katsoa video livenä Cosfordissa Flight Sim Show 2017 tapahtuman FSFX:n ja TFDi:n yhteisesitelmässä, jossa lisäosa julkistetiin

Muutamia kysymyksiä ja vastauksia yleisöstä, jotka saattavat kiinnostaa myös täällä.

K: Videolla tuote esitellään pelkästään 717 lisäosassa. Toimiiko lisäosa universaalisti myös muissa koneissa?
V: Tuote kehitetään erillään 717 lisäosasta, joten myös muiden lisäosavalmistajien on mahdollista tuoda TrueGlass osana lisäosiaan.

Oma kommentti tähän. Uskon, että PMDG, Aerosoft, fslabs ja muut isot yhtiöt tullaan tuomaan yhteensopiviksi lisäosan kanssa. Lisäosa on tehy yhteistyössä FSFX:n kanssa, jolla on jo nyt hyvät suhteet moneen lisäosavalmistajiin immersion pakettiensa kautta. Siksi ehkä tfdi ja fsfx näkivät parhaana peliliikkeenä yhdistää voimat ja tuode tuote yhdessä markkinoille.

K: Simuloidaanko myös muita sääilmiöitä vesisateen lisäksi?
V: Tulevaisuudessa on tarkoitus tehdä kokeiluja myös muunlaisilla efekteillä ikkunoissa, mm. huurtuminen, lumi, jää yms..

K: Voiko sateen määrää säätää tuulilasissa, entä kuivuminen sateen lakattua?
V: kuulemma pystyy säätämään voimakkuutta ja kuivuminen sateen lakattua tapahtuu siten, että pisarat kuivuvat pois pikkuhiljaa tuulilasista. Eli sateen lakattua efekti ei heti katoa.

Omana kommenttina tähä, en ihan suoraan käsittänyt mitä voimakkuuden säätämisellä tarkoitettiin, onko se jotenkin käyttäjän valittavissa vai korreloiko sateen voimakkuuteen. Itse toivon jälkimmäistä, koska mielestäni paras lisäsoa on lisäsoa, jonka voi köynnistää ja unohtaa ja se toimii moitteetta.

Tuossa hieman tietoa mitä siis itse tuli kuultua ja muistettua. Joissakin asioissa voi olla virheitä ja ne voivat vielä muuttua ennen julkaisua. Jokatapauksessa todella mielenkiintoinen lisäosa, jota on odotettu markkinoille pitkään
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ProjectFly Focus Group Manager
Joona Väisänen
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Re: Boeing 717-mallinnosta luvassa...
« Reply #66 on: 07.10.17, 19:47 »

Omana kommenttina tähä, en ihan suoraan käsittänyt mitä voimakkuuden säätämisellä tarkoitettiin, onko se jotenkin käyttäjän valittavissa vai korreloiko sateen voimakkuuteen. Itse toivon jälkimmäistä, koska mielestäni paras lisäsoa on lisäsoa, jonka voi köynnistää ja unohtaa ja se toimii moitteetta.

Varmaan sitä, että onko pelkästään tihkua niin kuin videossa vai sellaista ihan kunnon kaatosadetta, että ilman pyyhkijöitä et näe metriäkään eteen päin. Sellaista olen haaveillut vuosikaudet simuun thmbup
Jouka Ahponen
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Re: Boeing 717-mallinnosta luvassa...
« Reply #67 on: 07.10.17, 20:44 »

Varmaan sitä, että onko pelkästään tihkua niin kuin videossa vai sellaista ihan kunnon kaatosadetta, että ilman pyyhkijöitä et näe metriäkään eteen päin. Sellaista olen haaveillut vuosikaudet simuun thmbup

Voi olla, mutta pitääkö se taso valita erikseen jollain sliderilla vai toimiiko automaattisesti korreloiden sateen voimakuuteen.

ProjectFly Focus Group Manager
Mikael Leinonen
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Re: Boeing 717-mallinnosta luvassa...
« Reply #68 on: 18.07.18, 00:00 »

Versio 1.1 on julkaistu (siis normaaliversio, COB on näin ollen kuopattu) https://forums.tfdidesign.com/index.php?/topic/3349-717-day/& (17 July 2018)

Product overhaul, tested via the Community Opt-in Beta

[ADDED] ADF simulation (optional)
[ADDED] HOLD support
[ADDED] Passenger count variable support
[ADDED] New documentation
[ADDED] Remote CDU support
[ADDED] WIND display to PROGRESS page
[ADDED] Selected NAVAID geometry
[ADDED] Remaining "FINAL/TIME" and "EXTRA/TIME" functionality
[ADDED] Flight save persistence functionality (saving a flight saves the system state as well)
[ADDED] Amber box for low manifold pressure and associated alert
[ADDED] Yoke light
[ADDED] SimConnect event for triggering custom 717 events
[ADDED] SimConnect event to notify external clients of PA, ATTND, and MECH button usage
[ADDED] Event to control PA IN USE and VIDEO IN USE lights
[ADDED] Call reset, attendant to cockpit call, and ground to cockpit call capability
[ADDED] Crosstrack deviation indicator to the ND
[ADDED] MAINT INTPH button logic
[ADDED] VOR TO/FROM indication on the ND
[ADDED] VOR Radial indicator lines on the ND
[ADDED] Strobe on ground functionality (setting via the Addon Manager)
[ADDED] MAX CLB, MAX END, and MAX DES functionality
[ADDED] APU FIRE support via the default failures menu
[ADDED] Live file refresh functionality to the tablet
[ADDED] Pause at top of descent option via tablet
[ADDED] Playback device control via tablet
[ADDED] Screenshot to tablet functionality
[ADDED] Ability to disable certain displays via the tablet to improve performance
[ADDED] Ability to show throttle axis position on the EAD while ATS is engaged
[ADDED] WING/NACL light (P3Dv4 only)
[ADDED] Scroll acceleration to the MINIMUMS and BAROSET knobs
[ADDED] AFS roll mode flash logic during reversion to TAKEOFF mode after landing
[ADDED] Optional rising runway functionality
[ADDED] Option to change tablet auto-lock time
[ADDED] Added IvAp transponder control support (via FSUIPC)
[ADDED] Support for the number pad with MCDU keyboard entry
[ADDED] Missing bearing to waypoint indication on F-PLN page 2
[ADDED] Significant amounts of detail (rivets, seams, dirt, labels, etc.) to exterior textures
[ADDED] New landing gear, landing gear bay, and tire textures
[ADDED] Wingflex
[ADDED] 3D nose ridges
[ADDED] Various chrome surfaces where applicable
[ADDED] Ribbed effect on relevant exterior surfaces
[ADDED] Cabin lights on exterior model
[ADDED] Fan blade blur states
[ADDED] Additional details to the GAU and GPU ports
[ADDED] Various missing static wicks
[ADDED] Panel separator lines on the pedestal
[FIXED] Incorrect pilot size on exterior model
[FIXED] A night lighting issue on the cargo smoke test button
[FIXED] Missing animation on part of the landing gear assembly
[FIXED] A night lighting issue on the battery switch
[FIXED] Incorrect beacon light shape
[FIXED] Incorrect ATO display
[FIXED] Outer marker display color
[FIXED] FIX page displaying bearing as distance
[FIXED] VCL displaying incorrectly on the TAKEOFF page
[FIXED] Default autorudder setting being permanently changed
[FIXED] VOR/ADF 2 separator slash on ND displaying in blue instead of green
[FIXED] Inability to access THRUST LIMITS page from CRZ/DES performance pages
[FIXED] Ability to access SID/STAR menu when a departure/arrival airport isn't entered
[FIXED] Ability to stay on TAKEOFF page after  takeoff phase is over
[FIXED] NAV RAD preselect accepted formats
[FIXED] IRU 1 mislabeling on IRS/GNS POS page
[FIXED] Partial mislabeling of "SLAT EXT MIN" on APPR page
[FIXED] Deleting manual CLB/DES SPD LIM not completely reverting to default
[FIXED] Terrain peaks mode display color
[FIXED] Magenta display colors
[FIXED] Terrain display pattern
[FIXED] Terrain display temporarily showing incorrect data
[FIXED] A resizing related rendering issue on the AFS and radios
[FIXED] A potential rendering related CTD
[FIXED] Right side TERR peaks display
[FIXED] NAV related issues with a certain terminal (SID/STAR) leg type (AF legs)
[FIXED] APU FIRE aural alert not cancelling automatically after three cycles
[FIXED] An issue preventing tablet clicks from being properly handled
[FIXED] MCDU latitude/longitude display and entry format
[FIXED] MCDU ACT-FPLN page 2 display
[FIXED] Offside pack air usage logic
[FIXED] Offside engine start air pressure bleed
[FIXED] Offside VOR display indication on ND
[FIXED] Certain VOR pointer elements not appearing while an ILS is tuned
[FIXED] Inability to pop out the ISIS or MCDUs as an observer via Aircraft Sharing
[FIXED] A bug in MCDU numeric entry validation
[FIXED] An issue that could potentially cause an erroneous SPEEDBRAKE DISAG message
[FIXED] An issue preventing VORs from displaying on the ND map while an ILS is tuned
[FIXED] WXR AUTO gain value
[FIXED] WXR gain knob behavior
[FIXED] Several display/data source issues on the IRS/GNS POS and IRS STATUS page
[FIXED] Rudder trim TO BAND appearing during all stages of flight
[FIXED] MCDU power source
[FIXED] An issue preventing VORs from displaying on the ND while an ILS is tuned
[FIXED] A potential bug causing incorrect flight plan sequencing after changing a SID/STAR mid-flight
[FIXED] A minor scratchpad not resetting after deleting V-speeds to reset them to automatic
[FIXED] Missing back lighting on SD cue switches
[FIXED] Manual altitude/speed restriction entry scale issue
[FIXED] Missing manual altitude/speed restriction entry range check
[FIXED] Low speed protection engagement range
[FIXED] Ability to start both engines simultaneously
[FIXED] A bug that could cause the airplane symbol to appear in the wrong place in PLAN mode
[FIXED] The drawing order of the magenta line and airplane symbol
[FIXED] The missing circle in the middle of the airplane symbol
[FIXED] An issue causing strange weather radar display
[FIXED] AUTOLAND overlapping with GROUND PROX on the FMA
[FIXED] Incorrect adjustment of HP barometer setting
[FIXED] Typo on the Aircraft Sharing tablet page
[FIXED] Pressurization not always honoring landing altitude
[FIXED] Autopilot not deflecting the elevator and aileron control tabs
[FIXED] Yoke input while autopilot is engaged causing aileron oscillations
[FIXED] Erroneous IRU 3 FAIL message
[FIXED] Fuel handle not lighting up under the correct scenarios
[FIXED] Vertical speed/FPA wheel not starting selection from the current number
[FIXED] A data interpolation bug that caused strange engine performance under several scenarios
[FIXED] Ability to temporarily unlock reverse thrust handles in flight
[FIXED] Stick shaker audio not stopping during stick pusher activation
[FIXED] Weather radar entering TEST mode off schedule
[FIXED] An issue causing corrupt VOR/NAVAID frequencies
[FIXED] PLAN mode not displaying without IRS alignment
[FIXED] A bug causing weird waypoint DATA display on the ND
[FIXED] BETWEEN altitude restriction display on ND and MCDU
[FIXED] BETWEEN altitude restriction entry functionality
[FIXED] A bug that could cause the ADIRU to stay on regardless of power
[FIXED] VOR being incorrectly read at unreasonable distances
[FIXED] VOR deviation being incorrectly read and displayed
[FIXED] VOR distance incorrectly using ground distance instead of DME distance
[FIXED] Systems not properly reading if a VOR is set or not
[FIXED] BETWEEN altitude restrictions being treated as AT restrictions
[FIXED] Packs off departure behavior
[FIXED] Active Sky weather radar not displaying properly
[FIXED] Improperly scaled WXR test image at high range settings
[FIXED] RTE RSV fuel always being treated as pounds when entered
[FIXED] Duplicate waypoint detector deleting waypoints loaded via company route
[FIXED] "L" not toggling the ground flood lights
[FIXED] Logo light always being on
[FIXED] A display issue relating to "ADDL TRANS" on the MCDU
[FIXED] First leg ETE displaying incorrectly
[FIXED] A display bug with PLAN mode
[FIXED] ETO not displaying when it should
[FIXED] ETE/ETO number shortening
[FIXED] Cooling fan logic
[FIXED] An issue preventing the BELOW G/S logic from being reset
[FIXED] VOR/ILS CDI inaccuracies
[FIXED] Various minor persistence loading issues
[FIXED] Speed FMA displaying incorrect number when V2 is not set and the aircraft is on the ground
[FIXED] VSI disappearing during approach
[FIXED] THRUST LIMITS page not allowing arming/preselection of thrust limits
[FIXED] ATS CLAMP functionality
[FIXED] Freezing fuel temperatures
[FIXED] "ADDL APPRS" appearing when it shouldn't
[FIXED] A scenario causing the FD pitch guidance bar to drift into numerical infinity
[FIXED] Crash relating to MCDU index updating when powering the FMC on/off
[FIXED] "ENGINE COOL" alert logic
[FIXED] Several display bugs on the THRUST LIMITS page
[FIXED] THRUST LIMITS not working when accessed via the GO AROUND page
[FIXED] VOR pointer heading issue
[FIXED] Scrolling issue on DUPLICATE NAMES MCDU page
[FIXED] Scrolling issue on COMPANY ROUTE selection MCDU page
[FIXED] Several edge cases causing flickering waypoints in FPLN page and line drawing
[FIXED] Error in cruise performance calculation algorithm possibly leading to wrong cruise fuel flow calculation
[FIXED] Fix to descent phase triggering prematurely
[FIXED] Manifold pressure and temperature simulation
[FIXED] Engine start with PACKs on being possible
[FIXED] PACKs not consuming manifold pressure properly
[FIXED] Strange NAV behavior when approaching a waypoint
[FIXED] A scenario causing the tablet to not update
[FIXED] A magenta line drawing issue
[FIXED] An issue allowing ALTN fuel to be displayed as -1
[FIXED] ETA not displaying on the PROG page
[FIXED] A possible edge case CTD caused by the revision leg index not being set by default
[FIXED] ISOL valve logic
[FIXED] Certain flight plan routes will exhibit a hit to the responsiveness of the aircraft
[FIXED] PFD Flight Path Director and "birdie" incorrect drawing
[FIXED] Strange throttle response
[FIXED] Flight plan resetting/advancing waypoints too early
[FIXED] Reverse thrust not behaving as an axis properly
[FIXED] Black spot on right-side center window frame when the overhead flood light is on
[FIXED] Flashing "INSUFFICIENT FUEL" message
[FIXED] Night lighting textures on right fire handle
[FIXED] Parking brake lever not always matching the parking brake state
[FIXED] ATS not setting throttle to the correct setting under some conditions
[FIXED] Untimely TOO LOW GEAR and TOO LOW FLAPS warning
[FIXED] Landing gear extension sound volume
[FIXED] Missing night lighting on jumpseat and left stick pusher inhibit button
[FIXED] Poor response from flaps axis
[FIXED] Jumpseat not having night lighting
[FIXED] Left STICK PUSHER PUSH TO INHIBIT button not having night lighting
[FIXED] START AIR PRES LO warning not causing amber manifold pressure outline
[FIXED] FLAP SET not working with a hardware controller
[FIXED] Faulty magnetic deviation data causing incorrect turn angles
[FIXED] Rapid EGT cooling after engine shutdown
[FIXED] A PROF descent calculation bug
[FIXED] Packs on/off departure setting not being honored properly
[FIXED] Cabin rate measurement
[FIXED] Aggressive cabin rate
[FIXED] Unreasonably high idle thrust
[FIXED] MCP altitude selection not rounding to the correct number under some conditions
[FIXED] Excessive negative pitch during extreme speed changes with PITCH speed control
[FIXED] An issue preventing the right MCDU from selecting ECON speed mode
[FIXED] A CTD caused by incorrect loading of the REX WX Advantage Radar
[FIXED] A bug that could cause the tablet to ignore the first input after some time on the documents page
[FIXED] Some L2 alerts not illuminating the master caution
[FIXED] Takeoff EPR not being reached by TAKEOFF ATS under some conditions
[FIXED] Brake cooling rate
[FIXED] A CTD caused by corrupt aircraft sharing data
[FIXED] An Aircraft Sharing cleanup issue
[FIXED] Improper control centering behavior
[FIXED] Airspeed trend vector displaying incorrectly
[FIXED] An issue that could cause the FMS to advance the current leg prematurely when changing a SID, STAR, or APPROACH while flying it
[FIXED] Acceptable CG entry range being too small
[FIXED] A PROF calculation issue that could MCDU legging/freezing
[FIXED] Commanded EPR T appearing on the EAD when reverse thrust is active
[FIXED] Left emergency reverse triggering left and right REV exceedence display
[FIXED] Wording of "ALL A-ICE ON" EIS alert
[FIXED] Wording of "PITOT F/O FAIL" EIS alert
[FIXED] Position trend vector predictions
[FIXED] INSUFFICIENT FUEL message after landing
[CHANGED] Persistence is off by default
[CHANGED] Improved "Cold and Dark" scenario
[CHANGED] Improved NAV RAD auto-tuning selection logic
[CHANGED] Improved speedbrake non-linearity
[CHANGED] Loading a persistence that was saved in air with the landing gear up while on the ground will no longer leave the landing gear up
[CHANGED] LAT REV/VERT REV index control
[CHANGED] Implemented custom time system (to fix the instant reply bug)
[CHANGED] Performance optimizations should result in much better FPS and less stuttering
[CHANGED] Improved AFS altitude capture behavior
[CHANGED] Improved Flight Director vertical bar behavior
[CHANGED] Reduced spoiler effectiveness
[CHANGED] Reduced vertical speed delay
[CHANGED] Tweaked AIR SYS L/R PRES LO and amber manifold pressure outline logic
[CHANGED] Removed ugly shadow from cockpit window frame at night
[CHANGED] All hardware interactions now comply with the published SDK ranges
[CHANGED] The default elevator trim functionality now works more normally
[CHANGED] Improved AOA, stall AOA, and G force smoothing to improve systems
[CHANGED] Increased required G force for stick pusher activation slightly
[CHANGED] The fuel system now honors the default UNLIMITED FUEL option
[CHANGED] Weight units and temperature units can be selected independently
[CHANGED] Improved ND message font choices
[CHANGED] Improved weather radar efficiency
[CHANGED] Improved engine startup and shutdown sounds
[CHANGED] Implemented new FMS/MCDU threading model to mitigate laggy display/systems issue
[CHANGED] Significantly improved EGT spike during startup
[CHANGED] Reduced speedbrake efficacy further
[CHANGED] Improved ADD/RMV DRAG messages
[CHANGED] The mute sound on lost focus option has been moved to the tablet
[CHANGED] Tweaked VMAX slightly in accordance with smoother PITCH/IDLE PROF descent
[CHANGED] Updated tablet example image
[CHANGED] AUTOLAND FLARE target vertical speed
[CHANGED] Partially resolved a magenta line/NAV issue involving intercept and overfly waypoints
[CHANGED] Removed duplicate "CLEAR OF CONFLICT" code
[CHANGED] Clicking the edge of the tablet while the screen is on will now lock the screen on the first click and hide it on the second
[CHANGED] Rewrote and significantly optimized custom sound engine
[CHANGED] Tweaked various PFD colors
[CHANGED] Limited MCDU prediction display to prevent text overrun
[CHANGED] Thread access for persistence system to improve stability
[CHANGED] Cleaned up miscellaneous MCDU pages
[CHANGED] Improved DONE functionality of the FMS
[CHANGED] Optimized external model
[CHANGED] Various materials for better light and reflection response
[CHANGED] Remodeled wing and fixed various associated bugs
[CHANGED] Remapped aircraft for easier painting
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Re: Boeing 717-mallinnosta luvassa...
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Vnav descent (tai vastaava, jos se nyt tässä koneessa on jonkun muun niminen....  Tongue ) on edelleen jotenkin viallinen tai "shaky", vaikka eka lennon EFRO-EFIV pysyikin kuosissa ihan hyvin.

Nyt alkaa kone kuitenkin näyttää hyvältä, ja paketti kokonaisuutena tuntua ehjältä ja toimivalta.  thmbup

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Re: Boeing 717-mallinnosta luvassa...
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Kyllä komppaan Tatua, alkaa pikkuhiljaa olemaan sellainen kuin pitää  Cool

Happy landings!

Pii Anttonen
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Re: Boeing 717-mallinnosta luvassa...
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Olen kuullut tuon sarjan lentäjiltä, että myöskään irl ei noissa vnav descend futaa kauhean hyvin vaan tekevät yleisemmin v/s-moodissa suosiolla.

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Re: Boeing 717-mallinnosta luvassa...
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FSFX 717 Immersion on julkaistu
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