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[21JUL16] Planned eCommerce and License Activation Outage


Those of you who remember the leadup to the NGX release and the 777 release will recall that we typically make an investment in updated technology for our servers and systems during the last phases of development of a major product.

We are in the midst of completing some pretty comprehensive system updates and upgrades that were planned for today.

We anticipated the outage lasting about 12hrs, but some of the changes are taking a bit longer to test and get squared away for operational use.

The KEY hiccup right now involves our license activation servers and requires input from the vendor in order to be certain the hiccup is resolved properly.

This being the case, both activation servers are currently offline having updates accomplished, and that means we are unable to conduct activations for customers needing them.

We took the eCommerce system offline to prevent anyone from being able to make a purchase during a period of time when we know they won't be able to install, activate and go flying- as it seems rather cynical to take the customer's payment and then tell them "you have to wait until tomorrow."

We anticipate having everything back online during the day Thursday, but we don't have a specific time just yet. I apologize profusely for any inconvenience this causes.

I recognize it can be frustrating to being doing an installation only to find out something unexpected prevents you from getting flying- but I hope you know we are making some changes to improve our ability to support you, and our products for many years to come!

Thanks- I'll be back here to let you know we are operating again once we have the whole shebang back online!

(And yes... this is a good sign, for those who are trying to find some way to link it to progress on the 747. )

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