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Lauri FIN918:
IXEG:ltä tulossa lupaavan näköinen 737 classic. Tuote on ollut jo 6 vuotta työn alla, mutta julkaisu on luvattu täksi lauantaiksi (23.4.).



After six years of development the IXEG 737 Classic has been cleared to land! We're officially announcing Saturday, April 23, 2016 as the release date. Thanks to @froogle for also visiting the office to share his enthusiasm of the product and putting a mix on our traditional way of announcing releases! You're awesome, dude!

There's been a lot of discussion over the last few years showcasing what to expect from this product, so we won't go too far into that, but I would like to provide a little bit more information for you...

Release time:

When we make announcements like this we make every attempt to get the product out close to midnight time the day of release. This means for some it may be Friday night if you are located in the USA. I cannot provide an exact time, but I would anticipate a release window between 12am-2am EST.


We will be announcing price (as we always do) once the product page is up and running. More details about the product as a whole will be there too.


There will be 20 liveries included upon release. They are:

Air Berlin
Air France
Air Italy
America West
British Airways
Delta Retro
Lufthansa Retro
Southwest New
United (tulip)
US Air
We will be including a paint kit at release time. I want to caution people about attempting to make this thread about livery requests. Within a very short period of time I can promise you will see many free liveries out there on the various download libraries, so don't panic if you're initial request is not present in the above list!


The package will come with quite a bit of documentation, but we don't want this aircraft to be intimidating. Yes, it's definitely a study level simulation, but the included tutorials come in PDF and video form. While there's a lot to learn, we've made it as interactive and fun as possible for you. Reading big FCOMs can get rather boring to a lot of people, so we hope you enjoy this! We also recommend Mike Rays 737 handbook as a compliment to this product. His book is excellent and works quite nicely as a follow along guide for this product!

Server load:

I have noted a number of folks concerned about whether we can handle the initial demand. At X-Aviation, we have had some rather big releases in recent time and come to know what to expect pretty well with releases like this. The IXEG 737 release will be no different, and the installer will detect your location and balance the server loads appropriately. We anticipate a very smooth (and fast) experience for our customers. A lot of time is invested from our side to ensure you have a good experience with this!


More than anything, and on behalf of @tkyler, @Litjan, @Morten, @Nils, @Ben Russell and myself, we want to say thank you for your continued interest, support, and motivation to keep going on this journey. It's been a long time coming, and our excitement is at an all-time high this week. None of this would be possible with you guys, our fans.

Now, plan your routes, sit back, and light up those X-Plane skies with the 737 Classic this weekend! We know you guys will do us proud...you always do!






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IXEG 737 Classic for X-Plane10 -Official-


Nyt julkaistu http://www.x-aviation.com/catalog/product_info.php/take-command-ixeg-737-classic-p-122

Hinta on melko suolainen, mutta pitihän se silti hommata. Hieno kone graafisesti ja mukana load managerit, säätutkat yms. hienoudet, mutta bugeja on ihan jonkin verran. En saanut autopilottia aktivoitumaan, hyppää aina cws modeen. Ja muutenkin joissain kohdin vedetty aerosoft-tyyliin mutkia suoraksi. Toisaalta sisältää paljon hienoja yksityiskohtia, kuten mm. tuulilasin sade-efektit.


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