[VATSIM - 21.5. 15-20z] Helsinki Overload 2016


J Ahponen:

Jälleen on aika jokakeväisen Helsinki Overload eventin. Viisi tuntia Helsinki-Vantaan pyörittämistä täydellä miehityksellä aina Deliverystä Tampereen tutkaan. Tervetuloa! 


21st May 15-20z it's time to file a flight plan for Helsinki and Vatsim-Scandinavia's overload event. Seize the opportunity to experience excellent staffing both enroute and on the ground at Helsinki-Vantaa airport.

No matter if you're flying Finnair long haul flights or short domestic hops we will guarantee that you will have a wonderful evening with lots of traffic in and out from Finland's Capital.

As usual please read the pilot briefing and have your charts with you to make your flight enjoyable.

Briefing, charts & sceneries


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