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Frequently Asked Questions:

Will the ERJ panel work in FS2004?
Yes, with a few changes:
1. Get the payware version of Peter Dowson's fsuipc.dll if you don't want to wait until I can get the panel accredited. This activates the TCAS.
2. Change the entry "yaw_damper_gain=0.000000" to "yaw_damper_gain=1.000000"  in the aircraft.cfg file of the airplane for which you want to use the panel.
3. Add "FSSound.dll=1" under the heading [OLDMODULES] in fs9.cfg.

When I begin FS2004, I see a error message about the sound module.
Add "FSSound.dll=1" under the heading [OLDMODULES] in fs9.cfg, which resides in "C:\Documents and Settings\"YOUR LOGON NAME"\Application Data\Microsoft\FS9". "Bill" is my logon name. Substitute yours. You have to search your C: drive, not the Documents folder on your desktop. Also, change the viewable files in the folder options section to see ALL the folders and files. If you do not find [OLDMODULES] in fs9.cfg, you have to add it yourself. Don't forget the brackets.

In FS2004, how do I set ADF1 to a .5 frequency, i.e 391.5 kHz? When I set it on the bottom line as 391.5 then click the button to swap the frequency, it changes it to 391.1!
MS changed the setup for changing or setting NDB frequencies in FS9. In FS2002, when you clicked the carry fractional button for the NDB decimal value, it would iterate in 0.5 increments. In FS9, however, it iterates in 0.1 increments. To get your desired frequency in FS2004/FS9, you have to push the ".5" button just below the NDB standby frequency select button on the bottom right of the radio panel five times. This will change the active frequency, not the standby.

Is there an FS2002 version?
First, install the FS2000 version in FS2002. Then, visit the panels section of FSNordic.net and download the update for FS2002, read the enclosed documentation on what has been fixed and changed.

Is there a patch for FS2000?
Visit the panels section of FSNordic.net and download the update for FS2000, read the enclosed documentation on what has been fixed and changed.

How do I activate the autothrottle?
There is no autothrottle in the ERJ. Airspeed is manually controlled by the pilots during flight.

The elevators seem to want to pop back to neutral when flying, how do I stop this?
Visit the panels section of FSNordic.net and download the update for either FS2000 or FS2002, read the enclosed documentation on what has been fixed.

How can I improve my frame rates when using the ERJ panel?
1. Remove the yoke by pusing the "Yoke" button on the bottom left on the main panel.
2. Close all other programs not related to FS.
3. 1024x768 is the ideal resolution.
4. Remove windows from the screen that aren't being actively used, like the thrust rating panel.
5. Reduce scenery load.

I pause flightsim, set up the autopilot, and when I unpause flightsim, the plane acts uncontrolably. How can I prevent this?
When setting up the autopilot with flightsim paused, do not turn the A/P on until after you have unpaused flightsim.

Can I remove Joe the Co-Pilot?
Edit the .bmp file for the right view to remove Joe.

When I open a saved a flight (all the systems were set and working) the panel starts with the fuel pumps and hydraulic systems off, and I need to open the overhead panel to reset these buttons. Is it normal?
The hydraulics and fuel pumps are defaulted to off whenever the panel is started. Never start the ERJ panel with the autopilot on. It causes a burp and fatal swan dive of FS.

The joystick shakes unnaturally during the first part of the roll out. Above 20 knots or so and it is okay.
Open up the aircraft.cfg of one of the default planes (I suggest the 737-400 or the Lear45) and copy the force feedback section. Then paste that at the end of the ERJ aircraft.cfg file(s) and it should solve that problem.

The cockpit goes black after several minutes.
Go to the fsuipc.dll menu and check the box for the Flat Battery Option. For the latest releases of fsuipc.dll, however, a registered version is required to get this option to function.

My ERJ doesn't have thrust reversers!
Some airlines, mostly European, using the ERJ aren't equipped with reversers to save weight and cost.

The heading bug and the course needle move in increments of 10 instead of one.
Check the "Fix control acceleration" option on the "Technical" tab of FSUIPC to keep this from happening. (NOTE: The latest version of the panel corrects this).

The Bank Angle Limiter comes on automatically above FL245, however it switches straight into HDG hold mode and continues to fly straight ahead.
Set "use_no_default_bank=1" in the aircraft.cfg file.

When I try to reload a saved flight using the ERJ panel, I get  a fatal error caused by the ERJ.GAU file.
Do not save a flight using the ERJ Panel with the autopilot ON. When the flight is reloaded, it will crash Flight Simulator because the panel uses its own autopilot routines.

I have the ERJ-145 and the 4.01 panel for MSFS2004 and everything seems to function OK. The manual and how-to stuff talks about the Introductory Flight and using it for MSFS2000 which is not in 2004. Is there a Introductory Flight for 2004?
The tutorial flight files ending in .FLT, .WX, and .PLN, are in the original ERJ_grab release. For FS9, place these files in C:\Documents and Settings\"User name"\My Documents\Flight Simulator Files. Then in FS9, Select A Flight from the My Saved Flights category should show you the ERJ Turtorial Flight.

When I press any of the autopilot buttons (except the AP button) the autopilot immediately engages and the AP button lights up instead of just activating the FD guidance mode for that function. I cannot disengage the autopilot by clicking on the AP button...  I have to click on the Yaw Dumper button.
Under the Aircraft.cfg's [autopilot] section, ensure that flight_director_available  equals 1.

Where can I download the ERJ aircraft?
With the closing of the Project ERJ website, all files were uploaded to the Avsim file library. You can also find repaints made by other people at various flightsim websites including FSNoridc and Flightsim.com. Please not that any planes downloaded from "Embraer Virtual" will not be supported.

If I load a flight plan using the normal FS2004 flight planner, it will load into the FS2004 GPS, but the track will not display on the ERJ MFD.
Make sure that:
- The source mode is selected to FMS.
- The MFD is set too MAP mode.
- Version 4.00 of the panel is installed with the latest updates (at least 4.02).
- The latest version of FSUIPC is installed in the Modules directory.
- Ensure that the proper version of export_gps.dll has been installed in the Modules directory. The version for FS2004 is different from the FS2002 version. If you did the direct install of the panel, it might have overwritten the FS2004 version of export_gps.dll, and therefore it has to be replaced.

I can't get the Tutorial Flight with the included .WX, .PLN and .FLT files to work in FS9/FS2004.
First, you need the latest panel and gauges. The very latest is in Charles Fox's file that you downloaded, but the latest otherwise available is at fsnordic.net's file area and it's version 4.02 for FS9. The differences are minor.

For the tutorial flight all you really need is ...
 - An airplane that works in FS9 (Project ERJ or Dreamwings in Charles Fox's file) and the ERJ panel.
  - The flightplan (ERJ Panel Tutorial.PLN) which goes into the c:\Documents and Settings\user_name\My Documents\Flight Simulator Files folder where the rest of your plans go. If you want to see the plan first, use NOTEPAD to look at it.

    - The explanation and tutorial for the flight is contained in ERJ Intro Flight.pdf . This document describes the initial situation, which is parked at a Continental Express gate at Houston's Bush Intl (KIAH) for a flight to Corpus Chrisi, a real world COEX training flight. I suggest you create your own flight with these conditions and whatever weather you prefer and save it.

After you have the above setup, you are ready to go. Just follow the steps in ERJ Intro Flight.pdf .

The files you need are:

    ERJ Intro Flight.pdf
    ERJ Panel Tutorial.PLN
    CRP_ILS_13.pdf (the approach chart for the ILS at Corpus Christi)
    ERJ Checklist_Procedures.pdf


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