The Endless 3 Word Story!

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The Endless 3 Word Story!

A place to come and have a good laugh. There has been one in the past in a different language here at FSNORDIC and is currently holding the record of "Top replied message" So lets beat this!

So what is a 3 word story?
A story that begins with 3 words and each user can reply but only add 3 words per reply.
The story can be as long or as silly as you like, it does not have to make sense and you can reply as many times as you like but only 3 words per reply!

This story is going to be completly English please and can drift onto any subject within the Forum Rules, No bad language or explict scenes, as these wil be removed and spoil the fun!

The story begins:

One Fine Day

in the cold

Night of winter

Did my umbrella

really have to


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