Aeroflot Beechjet 400A



Got my hands on Eaglesoft Bizjet package and bolted in my new glass-cocpit setup (by Reality-XP)... now I'm a bizjet pilot all the way  
Really love flying some smaller AC for a change.

Anyway... haven't been painting liveryes for a while, so I thought to give it a go. This is what I came up with... fictional Aeroflot livery, taking some V.I.P.s to their datcha on Crimea peninsula  

This is just a sketch image. The actual AC is on it's way to Moscow and finally St. Petersburg. She still has a long way to go since she's still in Oceania... but she'll get there eventually.

What you think? You'd like to fly her?


p.s. I cant remember how to rip off those annoying mip-maps from textures. I think it was done with DXTbmp, but just can't remember how... any advice?

Looking good..

Yes it was DXTbmp that you can use to take off those mips.. After you have opened your file just go to Prefs --> and uncheck that where it says Include Mips and then save your file..

Ah, thanks for the heads up on mip-mapping... I could swear I tried that option  



i love it


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