Hey! I'm making an EMB-120 panel too!

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Hey guys. I'm new here:)

I'm making a EMB-120 panel to, but mine ain't so good.
To make the panel bitmaps, i used Paint, and it's really hard to get good colors and to make shadows. For the shadows, i had i friend of mine to do them in PSP

Check this out(new version expected with totaly new bitmaps,  after the realease of Service Update 2):

[ Attachment removed / expired ]

[ Attachment removed / expired ]

Come one guys, i dont bite! And feel free to say WHATEVER you want! If you think it looked horrible; then say so, because it does I'm just making this panel because i don't have anything better to do, and i like to have something to fiddle with

So comments are welcome!


The panel art is very sparse, and actually for the level of graphics now featured in FS9, way too sparse, without detail, shading, or depth. If you like to make panels, you should continue to work at it and consider using more sophisticated art programs.

If you are starting to program your own gauges, that is excellent. One thing we don't have enough of is panel designers.


Bill- i know it's to sparse. If you take in consideration that it is made with MS-Paint, i'm pretty satesfied with it. Hopefully, i will get Paintshop Pro this Friday!
I'm trying to learn XML, so that i can get rid of those shitty default Beech-gauges

I think it looks interesting.  I will give it a try. If it functions well, I can wait for the pretty part. Keep up the good efforts!
                                                                Steve Armstrong


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