ERJ 145 - Delta Connection NO Tail Lights


I'm new here and to FS9 so be kind...  

Well I guess the title says it all.  I don't have any tail lighting on any 145 for that matter.  I have cabin lights but no tail lights.  Can anyone give this NEWBIE a clue!?  ;-P

Thanks in advance......


Well, first off, it would help to specify which Delta Connection ERJ-145, since there are two available at Project ERJ.

However, I just downloaded both and loaded them into flightsim, and the tail lights displayed normally on both. All you need to do is turn on the nav lights and the night lighting will appear. The only exception is the wing inspection lights, which are controled by activating the landing lights. With the dark colored tails on the DLConnec. ERJs, it can be difficult to see the night lighting, but it is there.


Sorry Nick...

I have the "ER4-nb-s-t DL Conex" file.  I can see them now that I loaded it up again.   Sorry bout that...  Is there a way to make that tail light brighter?

Thanks for answering so fast!!

Not working, just MEL it.  The next version of the panel should have lots of little round stickers placed all over it.  Then it would be very realistic!

Yah but then he's restricted to flying during daylight hours after civil twilight.  


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