E145 rwy performance

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What kind of ERJ-145 TOW's are possible from a 1,570 m landing strip ?

Finland got its first real-life ERJ-145 recently, op by Finncomm Airlines based in Seinšjoki (EFSI), with this quite short runway. Please give a quote some real-life driver (a) at standard weather (b) at, say OAT 0  C ?

Basically, the plane will fly Helsinki-Stuttgart, which is no prob rwy-wise.


I'll be in t office tomorrow, and will check it out for you.  What is the elevation of this airport?
and the ICAO ID?

ExpressJet Airlines
dba Continental Express

Thanks, Don !

ELEV 292 ft
Avg OAT Jan M04 deg C
Avg OAT July 21 deg C


Actually they already flew a demo flight EFHK-EFSI-EFHK couple of weeks ago  (for CAA guys to see everything works allright with the new operator) before they got the AOC certificate. At the moment you can't certainly go there with full LW of ERJ, but ther are rumours that EFSI will see a longer runway in a not so distant future. Hopefully they will also make it a bit wider, nowadays allowed crosswind component is pretty low when friction coefficient goes down...


Ok, here's the deal.  We don't fly Helsinki-Stuttgart "yet"
But a similar airport to EFSI that we do fly to is Chicago, IL (KMDW)
Elevation: 620ft (189m)
Rnwy Length: 5509ft (1679m)

This data is based on a pair of RR AE3007A1P Turbofans.

Cross Wind: 0

Temp: 0c
With a max thrust power setting we would be able to carry 42,779lbs

Temp: 22c
Max Power 42,410lbs

Here's a link for the eng.


As for landing distance, 3500ft (1067m) is a general rule of thumb.  The actual numbers very with temp, pressure, and Icing conditions.

I wish I could figure out how to cut and paste a .PDF file, I'd just send or post the pages.  Hope this is helpful



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