Legacy With Legs


    Maybe this will help someone save some time: I downloaded a Legacy for looks, so I got the one with the yellow stripe. Overall, I like it and I will still use it. But, in comparing it with the long-range CRJ Executive (a Posky version by Cyber Air), I was disappointed by the short range of the Legacy. So, I downloaded all of the Legacys and found that some were set up as Corporate Shuttles (I guess), with about 12,000 pounds of gas, and some were set up as Executives, with about 18,000 pounds of gas.  I can't remember which was which here, but one of the Execs is the one with the tail number ending in "35".  So, if you go for a Legacy because you want range, make sure to get the right one.
  Anyway, the Legacy Exec compares well to the CRJ Exec. I like them both.  
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