issues with ERJ45 and panel

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hi guys,
I installed yesterday the ERJ45 plus the update plus the panel for 2004 and a have a couple of issues.
1) when i load FS2004 I get a message saying that the new sound.dll file (i think is the right name) is not recognized or compatible and i`m asked if I want to load it anyway
2) the plane and panel seem to work but the plane is rolling to the right and have to pilot the plane with the joystick on the left
3) the 3D panel looks nice but I can`t use any button, not in 3D

can anyone shed some light?

thank you

1) There is either a new sound.dll available or you are supposed to delete it. Bill will have to answer that one.

2) Have you tried calibrating your joystick? Also, are you flying with real weather? FS overexagerates the effects of a crosswind and can require excessive amounts of correction.

3) That is because there are no buttons in the 3D virtual cockpit, just the display gauges.

oh and one more thing: it seems like the autopilot doesn`t work prompty like in the other planes. If i change altititude the plane doesn`t move for a while. This is probably because i have no idea on how to pilot the ERJ45 but i thought like sharing also this issue

After you set a new altitude into the A/P, you then need to select a Vertical Speed mode (FLC, SPEED, or set a desired climb/descent rate).


Doesn't sound (pun here) like you've read the manual, done the tutorial flight, or read the FAQ's topic in this forum, all of which I suggest you do.

Also, if you are using FS9, the only install version of the panel you need is the last one for FS9. The early versions are good only for the docs.



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