EMB 120 Taxiing Handling


EMB 120 has a difficult taxiing handling, in FS 2004, it increases speed on the ground, so quickly,  sometimes even when the throttle is at idle.

Is there any adjustment to correct this?


Use only slight adjustments to the throttle and DO NOT reduce the props from full.

press F1 to slow the aircraft while taxing, but youll have to press F3 to keep in rolling so it doesnt stop. (hit F1 until the speed slows 5 knots for ex, then hit F3 to accelerate)
Its kind of like putting the aircraft into Beta on the ground. This has been working well for me. Hope it helps.

Even doing what you suggested, EMB 120, continues with a difficult taxiing handling in FS2004 what does not happen in FS2002.
I am trying some changes in the flight dynamics files but so far, I have not got success.


are you using a joystick with a z axis? or throttel control you might want to call it? if so then try calibrating the joystick


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